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David Terrell -- Getting praise from Shanny... What did I tell you?

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    Originally posted by Cugel

    Considering how few catches the Broncos #3 WR makes each year that's not exactly asking a lot!

    One of the many reasons for Denver not to spend a pick on a WR at 15.


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      Originally posted by Tatum26Bell
      So in other words, you agree with me?
      Yes, I thought that was evident. I mean you didn't think I was ripping your post did you?

      I'm sorry if that wasn't clear.


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        Originally posted by Archimedes Owl
        It's way too soon to call Watts a bust. He's only been in the league for two seasons and did relatively well in his rookie season. Sure, he dropped some balls that he shouldn't and his ability to catch the ball is still in question, but I it is simply premature to call him a bust.

        As for Adams and Devoe, I agree. They haven't shown enough to make me think they can even be decent third wide recievers.

        I'm not saying that Watts and Terrell are going to step up and become first wide recievers, but at this point, I don't see why they couldn't step up and become mere third wide recievers.

        I think that is a reasonable expectation of them and that's all that we need next year to have a significantly improved recieving corps. Then we can all dream that they will step up and become second wide recievers.

        That's not to say that drafting to try to find a number one WR for the future might not be a bad idea, but at least for next year, while Rod is still here, we will be ok.

        After that, it's a lot more sketchy. When Rod retires, we could be in trouble if Lelie can't step it up to being a good number one and if one of those guys can't step it up to being a good number two.

        It's not like Denver hasn't been able to find gem WRs before. I mean, neither McCaffrey nor Smith were seen as guys that could carry a franchise before we got them.

        The same goes for the TE position. I mean, what was Putzier?? A seventh rounder?? At the beginning of 2004, who of us thought he'd step up and have the second highest yards per reception amoung tight ends in 2004??

        It's success like that in the past that makes me have some confidence that Denver knows what it's doing with it's younger players. If our coaches think that we will be fine with what we have on offense, I tend to trust them. Not to say that I don't still get a bit nervous, but I give the much maligned front office the benefit of past successes.

        If the team has done anything well, it is that it realizes what it has on board and when they can afford to lose a player and have somebody to step in and carry the team. In other words, they are good at filling holes. Maybe they could draft better, but they have been able to recognize when they had somebody who could fill a void.

        I mean, look at guys like Herndon and Walls. Neither was exceptional, but both filled holes adequately.

        And I trust that Shanahan will be able to fill the few minor holes that we have at this point. The only holes that I'm a bit more worried about are on the defensive line, but otherwise, I'd expect us to maintain what is a pretty good offense and defense. I doubt that we'll see a dropoff in any position in which we lost starters and I'd expect to see some improvement in the third wide reciever position that was pretty weak last year. I can't guarantee it or anything, but I trust in our coaching staff enough that I'm not worried.
        I'm certainly not the one who decided that Watts was a bust! Shanahan did that when he relegated his former 2nd round draft pick to the inactive list in his second NFL season! Personally, I thought Watts made some decent catches in the pre-season and was hopefully going to emerge as the #3 WR behind Lelie and Smith.

        But, Shanahan saw things differently, and he's obviously a much better judge of talent seeing his WRs in practice every day than anyone on these boards.

        His actions speak louder than words. David Terrell didn't do enough to get into any games after Shanahan announced prior to the season that it would take Terrell "a few games" to learn the Broncos system enough to become active on Sundays.

        Clearly, what the coaches saw in practice made them feel he couldn't do the job. And just as clearly, Shanahan's bringing in Terrell in the first place and elevating Devoe and Adams (who were undrafted FAs because they are marginal talents, not because there was just some conspiracy by NFL teams to ignore their amazing abilities) over Watts and inactivating him too is his judgment on their play.

        Sure Terrell and Watts will have one last chance this summer to prove something. But, it'll have to be quite a turn-around. If the Broncos pick up another FA WR in June or draft one, Todd Devoe and Adams' jobs will be in jeopardy too.

        Last year, people said the same thing about Mario Fatafehi (lots of talent, needs to step it up, it's now or never). Well it was never and now he's not even in the NFL (don't think he was picked up by anyone but I could be wrong). That's usually what happens to these guys who don't prove themselves. They normally DON'T turn it around and reverse the coaches' view of them as underachievers. Usually they get cut and are out of football before you know it.

        NFL = "not for long". And if you're a marginal talent or a guy who just never adapts to doing what it takes to play at this level, that's all folks!
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