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what a hard schedule

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    Originally posted by Aija
    man that schedule is brutal. Normally you can guarantee at least 7 - 8 wins. This year I see 5 maybe 6 guaranteed wins., But with all that said there will be no room for rest this year. This team played extremely well last year and if they can get into the playoffs with a good seed that should be a testament of just how good the team is .

    Thats what we get for winning the division. We play they other AFC division leaders.

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      Shcedules always look tough...But they tend to lighten up as time goes by.

      Virtually every NFL team plays 13 other teams during the regular season and surely a few of them will have major injury problems.

      The key to this is our team not being the team with the bad injuries, but the odds say there's only one Bronco team and 13 opponents, so a few of the "others" are more likely to have the injury problems.

      Of course, every few years the injury bug strikes every team and when this happens, "all bets are off".

      Watch, by the time the games roll around, a few of the good teams will be missing key players...Let's just hope we're not one of them.

      BTW, I had this same "debate" with MUG last year when he was so concerned about how tough our schedule was.


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        Originally posted by lvbronx
        Virtually every NFL team plays 13 other teams during the regular season and surely a few of them will have major injury problems.
        So, by inference, any team that plays Arizona or San Francisco does not play 13 other teams, but only 12.5 other teams???

        Or is there some other way that a team in a 16 game schedule, playing the three other teams in their division twice would not, by definition, play 13 other teams?


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          Hard to say if the games are going to be hard until the season starts. Who thought the Eagles game would be a pushover last off season? So many things can happen from year to year!
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            I hope that they release all the teams schedules like ASAP. The Cardinals are opening their new stadium, and since they signed Edge season tickets sales are going up up up. So, when the Broncos come here I want to get single game tickets, rather than have to buy season tickets. I'm hoping D comes here in late December, when all the 'hype' about the new stadium is over and single game tickets won't be as hard to come by. Oh, and the fact that the Cardinals will be 4-10.
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              We should have the schedule in a week or two. They announced some preseason games today. Denver plays Houston on Aug 17 or so.


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                In the NFL today, everybody is a difficult opponent....

                except for New Orleans.

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