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Denver not to play Steelers opener

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    Originally posted by man_of_steel
    Really? This from Tuesday's Denver Post:

    Denver asked to be removed from consideration to open the season at Pittsburgh on Thursday, Sept. 7.

    So, which team doesn't want to get smoked on National television? hmm...
    The Broncos are still gonna smoke the Steelers on National television.


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      Originally posted by SmithOverTO
      Hey last year showed that 0-1 isnt that bad at all
      Agreed!!! After we lost that game in Miami, i got 70-1 on betfair for the Broncos to win the superbowl....nearly pulled off a classic one there!


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        Originally posted by theshiverman
        John Clayton Says it was the broncos owner that didnt want the broncos to play the steelers that soon, if this is true then im disapointed in Pat.

        They are gonna be skyhigh four days after playing the final Preseason game, plus we have to travel to PIT.

        PAt did the right thing in not exposing the Broncos to potential ambush.

        You simply can be ready on a thursday to play a critical game taht early in teh year. Remember CINCY two years ago and MIA last year. We were not mentally ready to play.