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    Safety problems......

    Lynch was a Pro Bowler and Ferguson had five picks and the team went 14-4. Why all the worries about the safety position? "both Lynch and Ferguson are on the wrong side of 35"...that quote is not accurate. Ferguson: 5' 11" 201 11/27/74 6th Yr Georgia Tech. Lynch: 6' 2" 220 09/25/71 13th Stanford. Ferguson is 31 and Lynch is 34. There are several young and promising players already on the squad. I don't see a major weakness anywhere in the secondary. CB is exceptionally strong and Safety is great against the run and improved against the pass. How many interceptions last year? About twice what they had been getting and that was with two rookies (one or the other) starting most of the time. The secondary shou;d be even better this year, as Champ played hurt for most of the year. Imagine, he is alreadsy the best CB in the league and now he's healthy. I look for a truely dominating defense and an improved, downfield (Heimerdinger) offense.