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    Hey what are everyones opinions on how jake will perform without the premiere back in portis?, everyone i know says he will struggle like he did in arizona because hell have to throw more and he cant make good decisions, ive been getting predictions of 15 Td's and 25 INT's, what does everyone think?

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    Re: the snake

    Originally posted by DSD2256
    ive been getting predictions of 15 Td's and 25 INT's, what does everyone think?
    I dont know where the hell your getting those predictions, Jake will do even better then last year. Look for a probowl year from him. He's in his second year in denver, he more comfortable with the offence. 25 ints? Try 10-12.


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      i expect him to do fine. he had one of the highest passer ratings in the game last year (around 91), so i guess he can make good decisions. lacking portis might make things more difficult for him, but w/ the success we've had running the ball i don't expect the change to be too drastic. anyways, i think he'll handle things fine.
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        i think he will have a breakout/pro bowl year... especially since he has been in the system for a year now. he is an extremely good fit in denvers offense. i think (as in my opinion) denver is going to have its best season in years


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          One would have to think that playing against a good secondary in practice..........
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            ive always thot plummer was a great QB, loved em in his AZ days, almost became a cardinal fan for em, but then shanny took his head out of his ass and dumped greaseball and made the best move for the broncos since elway


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              Time will tell. Jake needs to step up next year and he knows it. Overall he performed much better this year than I expected him to (not that he was spectacular) and I'm looking forward to seeing if he can come through when the team needs it. I think we're going to see a drop in run production due to a couple of factors (not just CP's exit).

              Bottom line in this league is that the QB has to step up for any team to take it to the next level (CPs 2 1500 yard seasons didn't exactly translate into playoff success now did they). QB has been and will remain the most important offensive position in the NFL. Jake is entering his second year in the Broncos system and IMO this year and the next will be the make or break for him as far as being a starting NFL QB. Lets hope he can get the job done.


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                I think that our run game will be just as good this year if not better... if we bring in a new WR and sharpe stays look out it will be 25 tds and like 5 ints if that (a bit un realistic i know) but i am looking for 3000-3500 yards this season cuz the pass will se up the run this year no one fears our running game yet... YET...
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                  Jake will be lucky to go a qb rating over 85........i think 2,800-3000 yards 19 TD's 12 INT's but lets hope im wrong .
                  2 parts of the #1 defence in the NFL !!!


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                    Since its his second season at Denver I look for Plummer to have a passer rating of 95. 25-30 TDs, 10-12 INTs and 3000-3500 yards passing.

                    I see Plummer doing this if we can get Lelie's hands on track. I also think Shanahan needs to design more plays to look at Lelie first because he can burn people bad right out the blocks. We also can't forget Champ Bailey wants to play offense either so thats another possible offensive weapon.


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                      Jake will b fine dis year. Hes gotten comfortable with the system, and knows the plays. And hopefully receivers will help em out to by holdin on to balls
                      Hes probowl bound, and maybe this year will his probowl year.


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                        He's goint to have 15,000 yards and 75 touchdowns, 8 ints. Wait, this isn't arena football is it? I was thinking of Danny Kanell. Sorry.

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