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    Have Faith

    I don't know what is wrong with all of you people. How about having some faith in your team and not in the schedule. First of all the league (for parity sake) is supposed to give the better teams tougher schedules and worse bye weeks to try and make things even out and more fair for the weaker teams so that fans across the nation can have a chance to see their team do good. The fact that we have an early bye week is not a problem for many reasons. For the second straight year we have a Thanksgiving game which as stated earlier basically gives us a second bye week. And the Cheifs are also going off 3 days rest as we are so that's not a disadvantage. Second of all a bye week can end up being a huge momentum crusher. Say we were to real off 6-7 straight wins the team in a groove and then hit a bye week in week 10-11. Then we come out flat and lose to say cleveland on the road. Then everyone would be fuming on how the bye week killed us. A bye week early gives us a chance to get in a groove and make a playoff push. And if we're as good as last year we will have a bye week in the playoffs anyways. With that being said I think with the right teams being home games we have a great shot at winning 12-13 again this year and ending up where we were last year. So if we can pick up Chad Jackson, Deangelo williams or Lendale white then our offense may get us their this year. So relax and have faith in our team. Only 2 losing seasons in my life (1983) and less than 10 in history. Don't fret a bye weak.


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      Originally posted by lvbronx
      Actually, this isn't really accurate... When we play on Thurday, so does the other team so that's a push.

      However, the following week, we'll have three days extra rest/prep.

      As far as the bye, we've been lucky with it, usually falling in the middle for us...So we can't complain that we're doing what a lot of other teams have had to deal with in the past...

      I see your point. For some reason, I thought the chefs bye week (yes i put chefs, remember the snickers commercial?) was before that. I agree we have been pretty fortunate for our bye week, just gotta pay our dues, I suppose.


      Myself, Shawn (a chefs fan) and Mike on our way home from the Sand Trap in June '06. (Mildenhall AFB)