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why is every 1 down on ash

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    Originally posted by Jrhampton
    Lets not go there.

    *****rec***targeted****%***1st downs****yac***avryac*missed /%
    Rod**85****126*******67.5 ****55********423**4.98****41/32.5
    ashley42****88********47.7****30********203**4.83* ***46/52.3

    Now if we really knew what the routes were supposed to be, We could have a debate about that one. But I'd guess we are on the same side of this one.
    A dropped pass is a dropped pass. The route itself doesn't cause drops.
    John 11: 25-27

    My Adopt-A-Bronco is D.J. Williams

    Thanks Snk16


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      Originally posted by TXBRONC
      A dropped pass is a dropped pass. The route itself doesn't cause drops.

      Your correct but as a percentage to attempts he is dismal compared to Rod.

      I was not really arguing about the routes.....


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        Objective Evaluations of WR


        According to football outsiders, Ashlie performed as the 47th best WR in football last year. He caught the ball 48% of the time passes were intended to him, not necessarily dropped.

        In 2004, he was rated 16th with 53 percent completion rate
        In 2003, he was rated 42nd with 46 percent completion rate

        Looking at the rankings it is VERY RARE for a WR that completes less than 50% to be a starter in the NFL.

        I would grant that Ashley has been asked to be the deep threat which could contribute to the lower percentage. His rookie completion percentage was higher with Greise, but Broncos had three other threats, and Ashley played more slot. Jake was also coached not to throw it up in 2005, and perhaps he just didn't have confidence to throw it deep as much or confidence in Lelie.

        Now with Putzier gone, Ashlie is our only other "threat" besides Rod. Broncos MUST pick up an offensive threat in TE or WR, or this season looks scary. Hopefully the news that Terrell is ready to play this year will allow another deep threat so Ashlie can mix it up more in routes where Jake is comfortable.

        I wouldn't write Ashlie off, but he needs to get in sync with Jake. I don't see Shanny telling Jake to go less conservative next year, so Ashlie better make himself a target in Jake's eyes.

        2005 Rod Smith 10th (67% catch) 1,105yds, 6TD
        2005 Ashley* 47th (48% catch) 770yds, 1TD
        2005 Putzier 12thTE (64% catch) 481 yds, 0TD
        2005 Alexander 41stTE (58% catch) 170 yds, 1TD

        2004 Rod Smith 25th (58% catch) 1,144 yds, 8TD
        2004 Ashley* 16th (53% catch) 1,084yds, 7TD
        2004 Putzier 6thTE (67% catch) 572 yds, 2TD
        2004 Watts 62nd (58% catch) 385yds, 1TD
        2004 Carswell 28thTE (61% catch) 198 yds, 1TD

        (Jake Plummer now QB, misses 5 starts in 2003)
        2003 Rod Smith 25th (65% catch) 846 yds, 4TD
        2003 Sharpe 2ndTE (66% catch) 756 yds, 8TD
        2003 Ashley* 42nd (46% catch) 628 yds, 2TD
        2003 Eddie Mac N/R (56% catch) 189 yds, 0TD

        (Last year for Greise as QB)
        2002 Rod Smith 33rd (61% catch) 1,027 yds, 5TD
        2002 Eddie Mac 26th (67% catch) 903 yds, 2TD
        2002 Sharpe 5thTE (69% catch) 686 yds, 3TD
        2002 Ashley* 28th (66% catch) 525 yds, 2TD
        2002 Carswell 27thTE (72% catch) 189 yds, 1TD

        2001 Rod Smith 6th (66% catch) 1,343 yds, 11TD
        2001 Eddie Ken 49th (62% catch) 490 yds, 1TD
        2001 Clark 7thTE (66% catch) 566 yds, 6TD
        2001 Carswell 23rdTE (60% catch) 299 yds, 5TD
        2001 Eddie Mac (Broken leg during first game of year)

        2000 Rod Smith 5th (58% catch) 1,618 yds, 8TD
        2000 Eddie Mac 14th (68% catch) 1,317 yds, 9TD
        2000 Carswell 6thTE (77% catch) 495 yds, 3TD
        2000 Clark 11thTE (71% catch) 339 yds, 3TD
        2000 Chamberlin13thTE (69% catch) 283yds, 2TD


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          I think it would also behoove us to use Lelie more in the short and intermediate range passing game.
          John 11: 25-27

          My Adopt-A-Bronco is D.J. Williams

          Thanks Snk16


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            He maybe the second best but that clown cant catch the easy ones.