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My offseason rant

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    just an fyi that article was for last year and the cap number has gone up to just over 80 mill.


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      Originally posted by myoung
      Yes you are correct it is a 53 man roster but I believe we only count 51 players against the cap until opening sunday. At least that is the information provided in the following article.

      At roster day all 53 count but up until then I believe it is just 51. Good article on Salary cap.
      Good article - I kinda understand it better now but its still wacky - I dont understand why its there, but yet I do (being a Yankees fan - LOL)

      And I was with you PR until I learned that they arent being counted - in that case who cares right - and if thats the case I go back to my kicker question - cant we sign a backup who wont have a heavy impact on our cap

      *I am not advocating getting rid of Elam - I just would like to have someone who can actually kick a field goal on the team besides him, in case he gets hurt again (for those who didnt see my girlie question thread)


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        We actually signed a kid from Minn named Hayden Epstein. He is currently kicking in NFL Europe. I have not checked to see how he is doing.

        This is also the reason we released Rouen and signed Knorr.

        I don't know what the plan is for Hayden but if knorr is still the punter I don't see us keeping another kicker on the final roster.

        Remember this is a coach that values roster spots so much that last year we started the season with only 2 QB on the roster because teams rarely need more than 2 QBs. And of course look what happened.

        I just don't see Shanny keeping more than 2 kickers.


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          NO BODY

          keeps more than two kickers on a roster. Its too expensive and takes up a roster spot. Every week the coaches have to decide who and who doesnt suits up each week for the game... what spot would you want to take off the team in order to put a back-up kicker that most probably wouldn't get on the field ONE time the entire YEAR!


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            Re: My offseason rant

            Originally posted by PRBronco
            Ok, this is probably gonna ruffle some feathers, but i'm getting really annoyed here. Maybe we've been been a little spoiled here, but i'm used to seeing the broncos as contenders. Before I always just blamed our losing on griese, but going into this offseason with jake, and then swinging the bailey-portis trade, I really thought management was gearing up for a super bowl run. (the guy at the pro bowl who mentioned the broncos were interested in TO got me pretty pumped too). I know our cap situation is a little tight, but you'd think some of the guys would take pay cuts if they knew the money would be spent to improve the team. Instead, who are we signing? 3 corner backs who, if possible, make walls and herndon look like pro bowlers, a 34 year old DE with half a sack and people are touting him as a STARTER? (not to mention the fact that we're actually considering raylee johnson ) Didn't we learn last year what happens when you sign old, washed up defensive linemen? Now we're meeting with john lynch. Don't get me wrong, john lynch is awesome, but not something we need, our safeties are actually solid. And if they want to sign kordell, fine, just maybe put a clause in his contract that forbids him from ever starting a game. Ok, but what i was trying to say is, instead of spreading out our meager cap space over like, 5 old, brutal free agents, why didn't we just add another quality one? (and for the love of god, someone talk some sense into ian gold). Well, those are my thoughts, anyone feel the same way?
            It doesn't matter who your backup QB is, they're just a backup, so shut your piehole and let Kanell stay.
            If someone uses one of your quotes, it really means that they agree with it and they're upset they didn't get the chance to say it first---- Dave Navarro 1991

            The main reason I don't like the Bronco's is because every time I see their logo it reminds me of my drunk boyfriend who used to write his name in the snow with his urine then belch the letters of Elway's name----- Sandra Bernhard 1993


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              I agree with Ravage he is just not as nice about it as me....

              It would be highly criticized around the league.