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Possible Swap of Draft Picks

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  • Possible Swap of Draft Picks

    I'm stuck here in Houston. but I was wondering if you guys in Denver have heard anything that would suggest that the Broncos are looking to move up in the Draft. The Houston Texans have said that they are interested in moving down in the draft (they have the 10th pick) if the right package presents itself. I think this would be a great opportunity for Denver to jump up to the 10th stop where a lot of good receivers are still on the board. What's the word on the street?

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    I haven't heard any word re: the trading of draft picks... but imho ( and I've stated this before ), I'd prefer the Broncos trade down as well. The draft is too deep this year in positions we could use some youth in.

    Nuff said...

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      as i recall, we were about to trade up last year and grab Terrell Suggs, but Baltimore came in at the last minute to swoop him up -- so theoretically its possible...


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        I think a move UP in the first round would get them a legitmate shot at one of the good wide outs in the draft. I think we could offer the Texans are #1 and Deltha O'Neal for the #10 pick overall. The Texans have been desperately looking for a CB.


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          I hear we have actually had discussions to move up. I wish it was to get a premier WR (I love the four top guys they all could be special receivers) but the rumors I hear are for one of the 3 premier DTs. ESPN keeps reporting we may get into the bidding for Stephen Jackson but I just don't see it happening.

          Rumor has it we are real high on Randy Starks DT from Maryland.

          I believe it will take more the Deltha Oneal we would probably have to throw in one of our second round picks. If Houson were interested in Oneal then we might be able to get away with a 3rd round pick. But Oneal doesn't appear to be worth much.

          knowing Shanahans tendancies, I still think we will stand pat and take the best available at DT, WR, or TE. Just a guess at this point though.


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            Hey, where did you hear these rumours about stephen jackson? Any rumours at all actually.

            I like my defensive tackles like I like my women: well over 300 lbs.


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              I don't think reality.

              It was in yesterdays chat with John Mcshay of scouts inc. He mentioned that the Pats could get in a bidding war with the Cowboys and possibly the Broncos for Jackson.

              I don't believe it because I would be very very surprised to see the Broncos go RB that high.


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                No kidding, that would be very un-broncolike. I had no idea that we tried to get suggs last year, damn!

                I like my defensive tackles like I like my women: well over 300 lbs.


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                  I would love it if Denver was able to nab Starks, the guy is a beast and we need a young talent at DT. Too bad it probably won't happen.


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                    Yes I agree I am very high on Starks as well. My only problem is that if we can get up to the top 15 or so to take Starks then I would like to take a hard look at Reggie Williams.

                    I would be fine with either I just would like to see more firepower on offense and use the first pick we have in the second round to get Dockett, Edwards, stubbs or another DT...


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                      Denver doesn't need to move up to get an impact receiver. I think that eithe Woods, or Clayton will fall to us. I hear Rashaun is moving up boards so the receivers would look like this:

                      1.) Mike Williams
                      2.) Larry Fitzgerald
                      3.) Roy Williams
                      4.) Reggie Williams
                      5.) Rashaun Woods
                      6.) Michael Clayton
                      7.) Charles Lee

                      well at least those are the best, unless you can think of more to add. The actual order may vary as we get closer to draft time. However, we should be in position to land either Woods, Williams, or Clayton.

                      Our #41 pick will depend on shannon sharpe. If stays we go with DT or DE here. If he leaves we go for Watson. I wouldn't mind trading next years #1 for a #1 this year and getting troupe and clayton in the first round and LB and DE/DT in round 2.


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                        SF wants Reg williams

                        we might want to move up to get this guy. someone a while ago posted that reggie williams would be the steal of the draft and rumor has it he tore up the combines. remember reggie williams. we might think about getting him.
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                          Excellent points.. I really like your thinking.

                          I really like Woods and I am not as big a fan of Clayton. I don't want a guy that can't run faster than a 4.65.

                          Reggie Williams is 2-3 inches and 30 pounds heavier and probably at least .15 seconds faster than Woods.

                          reggie is a matchup problem with the body and skills to be a great one. Woods is going to be good but probably a good possesion receiver. I think from a potential perspective their is a large difference.

                          In any other draft Reggie Williams goes top 10 and maybe top 5.

                          I would be happy with Woods but I have no doubts their is a big potential difference.

                          I also would not be surprised to see watson available with our second pick of the second round. He may go a few picks before but it certainly wouldn't surprise me.

                          On your list after Clayton and before Lee I would see a few other names.

                          Jenkins Ohio State
                          Henderson LSU
                          Cotchery NC State
                          Darling Wash State
                          Morant Syracuse

                          and their are others. This draft has at least 20 highly rated WRs.


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                            no matter what

                            we should have several good options when draft day comes but no matter what a good reciever should be denver sights. one of those recievers mentioned would have a good impact on denver.
                            Bronco fan 33 years and counting, GO BRONCOS!


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                              This is the question:

                              What do we need more?



                              Rank these positions from highest need to lowest. Don't pick players to fill them, just the positions we need the most. If you want to explain, go ahead, but don't fill a position with a body.

                              I'll start:

                              1,) WR
                              2.) TE (These two can be swapped, if Shannon Sharpe retires.
                              they say if fantasy football. Its harder to get a TE that plays
                              like a WR then it is to get a WR that plays like a WR. So go
                              for the harder to get, if you don't have it.)