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    rubber off their shoes* lol


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      Originally posted by Sharpey
      mayock - lol, i thought we were starting to agree...i want boulware cuz he is the replacement for Gold plus i think its a typical broncos pick...if u think lehman is the same player but with passion, then lets get him i dont really care...but what i am saying is, dont be surprised when the broncos draft boulware cuz they seem to love those type of players...players with potential but without passion...funny thing is, they do ok with players later in rounds cuz they work their tails off and have passion...i'd rather have an underrated and untalented rod smith who blocks like an O-lineman than 100 ashley lelie's who could burn the shoes off their rubber...boulware is just like lelie, i would rather have a player with passion (if he lacks it like u say, i dont really know), but the broncos dont seem to care about passion when they draft, just potential

      milehighmagic - glad we agree on lelie and that u r back from being derock lol
      Fair enough man.. I am sure we will never fully agree. That is good with me. If everyone agreed I wouldn't spend anytime out here. I wouldn't be surprised to see the broncos draft that way as well. I just hope its Lehman....

      Believe me I would rather have Smith right now as well. He has been a great receiver for a long time for us. That is part why I would like to see us pick up Woods or Clayton. They both remind me alot of Smith and I think we will always need a guy like that to go with Lelie.

      I really agree with you on the later rounds point. I think we tend to do great in the late rounds because we don't focus so much on the numbers and we get the guys that know how to play hard...