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do we still need to draft a TE????

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  • do we still need to draft a TE????

    i had this position high on my list after a DT but now we have signed weaver (started all 16 games for 49's, young, block and catches well) and have good back-ups i'm not sure we need to draft a TE any more.

    whats your take on this???

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    Just What If?

    What do other teams now think? We might not draft a TE? MMMM But what if we do? Weaver has to make it through camp first could be a clause???
    This is the NFL!!

    Don't sing it... Bring It!!!!!

    Go Broncos!!!!!!!


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      Re: do we still need to draft a TE????

      Originally posted by bronx_2003
      i had this position high on my list after a DT but now we have signed weaver (started all 16 games for 49's, young, block and catches well) and have good back-ups i'm not sure we need to draft a TE any more.

      whats your take on this???
      I say even if sharpe stays we should draft one in the second round. It would be good to have sharpe teach a young guy before he retires. weavers not bad. But were used to having a TE were we can throw to as one of our primary recievers. A guy like Ben Watson.


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        I agree...i think due to the lack of depth at LB, i think that should be our top priority in the draft...then WR and DL in the second round...either DJ williams or vilma would be great...if we could get michael jenkins in the early second round and boulware with our later pick in the second and use the third round pick on DT donnell washington that would be a great draft...also DE antwan odom early is a good possibility...we can wait on RB for the fourth round (quentin griffin was a 4th rounder)...we also need some OL help in the 5th or 6th rounds


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          Sharpey I think you need to review what depth means. We have better depth at LB than we do at WR, OL, QB, DL, and probably even RB. Just because we have players on the roster does not mean we have depth. At least our backup OLBs spent some significant time in games and Pearce will be used somehow. We have good skill and decent depth at LB.

          Our backups at the other positions are not tested at all. In fact our starters at RB and OT have hardly any time in games. This is a concern.

          I don't think we will draft a TE that early. Weaver was a good signing. I would not be surprised to see us draft a kid in the much later rounds that we thought we could develop.

          I love the top 3 TEs in this draft but I think this signing is an indication of what to expect. I would be happy with Watson I just don't think we will go for it unless he slides a bit in the draft. We won't reach for him.

          I also wouldn't be surprised to see us take a LB but it is not our top priority. We love fast LBs and this draft has a few of them. I wouldn't be surprised to see us take one with our 54th pick in the second round or even in the third round. Whoever we take he will be fast.


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            So, who would u take in round 1?


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              Oh, and by depth at LB, i meant in the draft...not our, we could use as many LB as possible i think and boulware and vilma/dj williams would be dominant teaming up with wilson...Pierce could be the 4th LB AND most importantly, this could help us use the 3-4 every now and then....NICE!!! lol


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                I would really like to see us take a WR in round 1. If Starks happened to drop I would love to pick him up but currently I think he goes in the 10-15 range.

                I think we could get R. Woods or M Clayton in the first round and I would be happy.

                I would like to go with a DT at the top of the second round. I would be happy with Dockett, Stubbs, Edwards, or Olshasky whichever one falls to us. All of them are solid DT.

                I would then go with Watson if he is around in our second pick of round 2. Most likely he will go 5-10 pick ahead of us so then I would like to go with Lehman. The LB from Oklahoma. He is bigger and I believe even faster than Boulware.

                I would then like to see us go with Bell or Jones at RB in round 3.

                I don't think this is how Shanahan will draft but it is what I would like to see.


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                  Fair enough on the depth issue. That makes more sense to me.


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                    Lehman could be gone in the first, WR is soooo deep and such a crapshoot that i think you go with the LB just to get someone that can step on the field and contribute right away...with two picks in the second round, a WR will most assuredly fall there that may have gotten a first round pick a year, michael boulware is such a typical broncos pick - and so is donnell washington out of clemson...and if Q is that great, cant we wait on RB?


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                      i do love rashaun woods also, and think his route running is really good


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                        As far as WR goes I see two significant drop offs.

                        First is the top 4.

                        Fitz and the three Williams

                        The second tier is

                        L. Evans

                        and in some peoples books Jenkins. He runs well I just don't see him as polished as the others. I really like these three above Jenkins. My choice would be Woods.

                        Then you have a ton of other guys.

                        I don't want Colbert, Henderson, Wilford, or the like when I could have had Clayton or Woods. Just my opinion. Their is a big difference in my mind.

                        I don't think Lehman will be gone in the first round... But who knows stranger things have happened.

                        Nobody knows how great Q is at this point......


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                          what if we draft a RB early...would that affect Q mentally? therez that to consider

                          i agree with u on the tiers of WR, but are 7 receivers really going to go in the first round? and if they do, that's ok...we could really be forming one of the most dominant defenses in the league...


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                            I know drafting a OL in the first round is kinda out there, but in order for us to keep this solid system I would think it would be in our intrest to draft a solid OL. Anyway i may be way off the mark here but our line isnt getting younger and there still are some questions there for this season.

                            Just my 2 cents


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                              OL is a need, but we have 2 6th round picks i think and i think we can wait till day 2 for OL...the top 3 seem to be Gallery, Andrews, and Carey and i doubt any of those will be available when we pick...