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    i cant believe ur post slipped thro the cracks without getting a serious beatdown...sean taylor with our first pick at #24??? vilma and wilfork in the second round???

    have u ever seen a mock draft??? all 3 will be gone before we even pick at #24!!!

    get with the program, sheesh...thats almost as bad as my ty law proposed trade


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      Originally posted by westflbroncostud
      what bout a safety....kennedy is horrible....even if we sign lynch....whos goin 2 to play the other slot.....ferguson can learn from lynch....but in the 1st round i look for the bronx 2 get sean taylor....and in the 2nda i look for them to get vince wilfork....and 2ndb i say john vilma....hey we had good luck with 1 cane y not 3....
      Are you serious? Taylor is top 6 overall. Wilfork is top 10-12 and vilma will go mid to late first round..... No chance here man....

      I love the canes though. Too bad we can't all live in your fantasy world for a while....

      A little too much madden...


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        Whatever that guy is smoking I want some


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          Originally posted by EddyMac87
          The question is who will play LT? Lepsis is probably better but he said he dosnt feel comfortable playin on the left side.....
          Funny, I read where he looked forward to it.....

          Regardless, foster has good feet and is huge.......
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