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    Wait, whos got the crack pipe?

    "The Gagne T-shirt jersey comes with a complimentary can of gasoline and a set of matches."


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      Originally posted by NJBRONCOSFAN
      Wait, whos got the crack pipe?
      Mile High Magic. I saw him steal it from Mikey A yesterday.

      Elvon Millervil eat grues for breakfast.

      Pey-Pey to Bey-Bey for the Tey-Dey.


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        Because of Lenny's heigth he is very good at covering the deep ball. This fits well into the way our defense is now set up because we have such a good line backer corp (if we can resign Gold or Pierce or Sykes steps up) and two major hitters starting at the safety positions. On paper it looks like this D can only be beaten by the big play to the weak side because of questions concerning the coverage abilities of Kenoy (though he is getting much better). Putting Deltha whose specialty is giving up the big play on the weak side would just be asking for it. I always really liked Deltha but if he can't do it then its time to move on.
        My Adopt a Bronco: Champ Bailey


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          I'd rather see Deltha back there returning punts than Rod Smith though. We'd be screwed if Smith got hurt. Just tell Deltha to catch the ball and fall down. No chance of a fumble then


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            Delta is not a CB

            Remember that he was not a Cb all of his college career, I believe that it was just his last year. Before that he was I think a running back or Wide reciever type.

            He is a HEAD CASE, although he had a bunch of interceptions, in that time frame you have to ask why. Why did he have so many balls threw at him? Because he was the weak link in the group. If I remember correctly Denard walker was on the other side, a good to great CB. Plus in the one game at KC the fool quarterback threw at least 4 lousy balls. We were into his head that day.

            How many balls were threw Champ Baileys way last year? Not many inteceptions either, but when they don't throw to your receiver you can't intercept them. How about when Luis Wright was here? The good QB's just don't throw at the shut down guy, same thing happened to Walls last year not many balls thrown to his receiver as compared to over the middle or other side.

            A cornerback has to be able to forget the last play the minute is is over and start fresh when the ball is snapped. Delta has NOT, I repeat NOT, established that he can do this, sure he is a great athelete, that is what got him drafted in the first place, after just a brief time at CB in college, the POTENTIAL.

            Shanahan rolls the dice a lot on the come line, it's paid off some times like TD, Trevor Pryce, Mike Anderson, O Gary, Eddie MAC, Sykes, Sapp, Alfred Williams and Romo most noteably. But then there is Middlebrooks, Delta, Nash, Carter, the IHOP moron, Pittman and a few others.

            Delta has had his chance he can't forget his mistakes and when he had a great play, like the return runback last year. The very next play on defense, he gets burned with a TD, because he was still celebrating his TD. With seconds left in the one game EVERYONE in the stauduim knew where the ball was going to be thrown except Delta. What happened TOUCHDOWN, Denver Loses because of this bone head. Some one said it earlier he could cover a bed.

            HEAD CASE HEAD CASE no more no less, They can not play CB and not get beat up. Having him back there is just waving a red flag to the QB, throw at the HEAD CASE.

            Time for Delta to move on to do something else, heard that John Elway has a used car position open.