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    Originally posted by Reidman
    I agree. He was good but he seemed sluggish at times.
    He did have a knack for slipping through defenders.

    Who didn't love when he scored and did his infamous 'mud dance' in the endzone!
    Just never broke..ya know?

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      Originally posted by AsianOrange
      Sammy Winder had to be the most unexplosive back ever.
      had to love the mud stomp or whatever it was called though lol.. i remember sammy and bobby .. i was so pumped about bobby his first couple seasons and sad when he left .. man hes got to be a old foggie now lol
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        Wasn't Humphrey a Supplemental draft pick?? I thought he would be the answer for 10 years in Denver............... I was off by 8 or so, but he did have a couple of nice seasons.

        I liked Winder, but he was the guy who was "likely to be replaced" every year of his career............. but managed to carve out a nice career for himself.
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          G Wilhite wasn't bad himself.....

          ...though he didn't get the carries, that sammy got, he could mow them over when necessary.

          I'll never forget the game against the viqueens.....where he broke away and was going for the endzone, and that punk safety of theirs horsecollared him, busting up his knee and ending his season.

          And I KNOW I should know who that safety was.......

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            Originally posted by Emancipator
            HD.......yes there were 1000 yard rushers before Bobby, but like I said it had been a long time. Between when Sammy did it and Bobby there was about 6 or 7 year span.
            Sammy Winder was a better Back then most people gave him credit for, plus he throws a heck of a super bowl party, When denver won their first super bowl against green bay Winder thru a super bowl party and was seen later that night Drunk and wearing his old Broncos uni-form complete with shoulder pads and cleats, dude was running around the yard lit up like a xmas tree happy as he could possibly be for his old QB John Elway. The local news played it off like he was just happy for the win but you could see he was Drunk because he didnt have a ball in his hand it looked more like a 40oz on the live camera feed , but it was a party, cant blame him for getting 'Tore Up'
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