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    Originally posted by bleedbluorange
    Actually I think Shanny waits to long to decide whether a player is worth keeping. He waits till the player is on the market before he tries to resign them. In my opinion he could have given them contracts the year before free agency which would make the deal more favorable to the Broncos. I dont think Hayward or Berry is worth what they got in free agency. However, I highly doubt they would have gotten nearly that amount a year or two earlier.
    I've made the same comments many times on these boards. I'm convinced it's because Shanahan is totally focused on coaching during the regular season and can't devote the time to deal with player contracts, and he won't let Ted Sundquist handle it without his controlling everything. Thus, it's just easier to say "we won't negotiate during the season." Virtually every other team manages to do that, because their GMs aren't also the head coach!

    I think this attitude hurts the Broncos.


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      So what?

      "I'm convinced" So you are convinced? That doesn't make it a fact. How the Broncos operate and make decisions behind closed doors is beyond your knowledge. You may have an opinion, but it is flawed because of a lack of knowledge. No one on this board knows just how influential Sundquist, or other members of the staff, can be with Shannahan. Any comment that states otherwise is an unfounded statement. Read all the media you want, but it doesn't give you any more "inside" knowledge. Shannahan is the top dog, but the last few drafts and off-season moves (Browncos, etc) have been fairly efficient. If all Shannahan can do is coach successfully, where are all the ideas coming from? You don't know. I don't know. Some of the criticism is imbicilic and totally out-to-lunch.