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    Originally posted by broncos4ever
    In listening to the press conference I picked out several things...

    One - He will demand a high performance from himself and and a high performance from his teammates.

    Two - He will not assume leadership responsibilities. Leadership is earned not assumed. He will let his playing do the talking for him.

    Three - He is eager if he gets a chance to teach our younger players respect for the game and how to be a professional athlete.

    Four - He will leave everything out on the field.

    Five - He will respect the organization, and you will not have any I-Hop incidents with him.

    Fifth - He chose Denver because of many reasons, when he could have gone somewhere else for more money.

    Probably could put down a dozen more things about the conference that I was impressed with.

    WOW!!! What a great day in Denver!!!!

    I am ready for the season to begin tomorrow...
    This guy is great pick up for the immediate future.
    John 11: 25-27

    My Adopt-A-Bronco is D.J. Williams

    Thanks Snk16


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      Having Lynch on our team will make a huge difference. That's just what we need another hard hitter.


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        Originally posted by Girvin
        That's just what we need another hard hitter.
        actually i think he'll make a bigger impact on the team because he's a leader.


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          I love John Lynch! I'm not gay don't get it twisted I just think he's a great role-model to the younger kids like us.If I could only meet one broncos player it would be him. DONT GET IT TWISTED I like him but he's not my fav. player.