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    same thing as

    fight u dwn the must win.. fight fight fr knows no defet! so roll up the mighty score, Never Give in!!...shouler to shulder we will FIGHT..FIGHT ... FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!


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      Dillon is a great Playes I have no doubts about This, but Q is a good player too and I hope that he could do a good season , But i keep saying a Thing, we had the best One and we gave him... Now we have to be happy with just a good one

      Look at this guy!!! He is kicking some asses!!!

      |||||Broncos Rulez|||||


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        There's nothing positive to say about the mind of anyone who thinks Dillion is anything but a scab. He's had exactly one season where he surpassed 1400 yards, he's beyond his prime and already in decline, he fumbles too damned often, he's a head case, he's a distraction, he's a cancer, he is an anti-leader. If any of you are honestly Broncos fans, you'll be praying that Dillion lands in Oakland. -- --


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          Dillons a cancer

          For Gods sake we just got rid of one head case in Portis, no need for another one that's older, slower and a lot more expensive. Dillon carried the offense in Begals country. But the wear and tear after 7 years of run run run. Will probabaly do ok somewhere else but not much gas left in the tank and the KNEES no doubt are all but shot.

          Running backs in DEN are easier to come by than most, because it's the system stupid. Hell, mickey the mope can probably get 1000 yards in the system. The run sets up the pass the pass setsup the run, the QB Jake is alot like John can carry the team on O for a while, because the D will keep the scores down to ZIP.

          Stay away from drafting a wide out early unless one of the studs should still be there, as it will take at least 2 years to make them work in the DEN offense.

          The juries still out on Lelie since he can't hang on to the ball, and Shanahan said the same thing about how great he is, as he did about Marcus Nash, and where is he today. He was Paytons go to guy in college and can't even get a job selling used cars today.

          We need a couple more quality line men. Big and quick on the Offense. Salam was a waste and will quickly get beat up where ever he went. Foster better work out this year, but they neeed a couple more to start grooming them to replace our older guys. The d line should be ok, but need some young studs for the future. Probably need an outside linebacker and last but not least a replacement for MR Sharpe for when he retires.