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    Re: If you had to chose

    Originally posted by Zmabe
    If you had to chose a different team to be fans of (somewhat because no team could ever replace the broncos)which team would you choose?
    If the Broncos do not go very far in the playoffs, I would first go AFC West except for the faiders and then AFC in the Superbowl again except for the faiders

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      well, this is if the Broncos POOF! disappeared? I'd have to say it would be the Eagles. B/c my boyfriend is a huge eagles fan, i've learned to like them. i watch their games - unless of course the game is at the same time as the broncos game, in which case my boyfriend is forced to only get commercial times or to watch the game in the bedroom while i get the living room. So anyhow, i DO like the Eagles, but in NO WAY does that even compare to my love for the broncos.
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