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Building up on corner defense!

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  • Building up on corner defense!

    I have loved watching Trevor Price play some football, but I can't remember that last time he made a difference in a game! Tell me your opinions about a trade for him and picking up a tight corner or maybe even a strong saftey to help with that pass defense which has been a problem for the last couple of years. Broncos can pick-up on a decent defense linemen and trade Pryce for a Champ Bailey (from the redskins) or Adam Archuleta (from the rams), with the change of O'neil this could be something to consider don't you think?

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    You really think the Skins or the Rams are dumb enough to take that trade? Broncos just need to draft some defensive help. DL and DBs.

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      if we didnt have pyrce no 1 would ever get pressure on the qb just look at the new england game...berry n hayward get there bcuzz trevor is double teamed more than half the time....besides bailey is a free agent after this year n the rams wouldnt trade their safety....the salary cap comes in to play to mayb we can get bailey in offseason...


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        Pryce is a very good defensive end. If he was not playing then the other teams o-line would be able to double team our other guys. Coyer just needs to call blitzes a little more often and keep the other team guessing.
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          One thing not mentioned here is that Trevor traditionally gets double teamed. This being the case, I'm a bit upset that some of our other D-Linemen don't step up and make plays. Yes, on occasion we get a sack, but as I've mentioned in previous posts I'm extremely displeased with the play ( thus far ) of Daryl Gardener. He should be taking full advantage of this and making the plays he's paid to.

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            Their is no way you trade Trevor he is the best defensive lineman on the team, Arculeta sucks and is overrated; Bailey is unatanable because the Broncos don't have anything to offer the Redskins, if they need something the owner goes and buys it. Woodson will not be a Raider next year and the Broncos should make a serious attempt to get him. The Broncos shouldn't have let Flowers go he would have brought experience and toughness to the secondary with Kennedy and him both at safeties. The young kid from BC has alot of promise if he could gain about 8 to 10 pounds and not lose speed he could really become a shut down corner with the extra strength from the added weight. Mcneil being signed this week could be a nice stop gap and should help, but the move of Oneal has to have an effect on them because teams usually lie and say that they want to try the person on both sides of the ball to threaten the other team. This is a complete bail out they do not want to release a young player that some team would grab up and try to make him a football player so they move him. Even if he plays good he will not be a Bronco next year, he'll want to go were he can play and play for someone who wants him, not just because they have to pay him anyway so find a place for him to be .