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Who will be the starting R.B. at seasons end???

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  • Originally posted by LABRONCO
    hell yeah anderson is much better then dayne, when we let mike go i was so pissed off man. they should have let dayne go. all anderson did for us was always put up solid numbers. what a reward we gave him in letting him go, way 2 go guys nice job..
    My understanding was that they had to let him go for monetary reasons.
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    My Adopt-A-Bronco is D.J. Williams

    Thanks Snk16


    • okay,

      Originally posted by TR3Y
      Question for the posters that are stating that Dayne ran well @ Wisconsin in the same type system the Broncos use (zone blocking scheme) - so this should translate to a productive career while he is a Broncos R.B. due to the familiarity that he has with our running game....

      Why on Earth does a N.F.L. running back need to be in the perfect scheme in order to be productive???

      If a player is truely gifted and deserving of a starting position on a N.F.L. roster he should be able to succeed on any team....

      Example - Clinton Portis....

      He dominated while playing for the Broncos - he was then traded to the Pinkskins, who use a totally different running scheme, yet he is still putting up 1300+ yards a season....

      Of course age, injuries, luck, etc. are always going to factor in to an athletes success - however....

      Bottom line is - Dayne should succeed no matter where he plays if he truely is as good as some tend to believe he is....
      Dayne did run very well in NY, when we was the featured back. He had over 5yrds a carry. It when tried to turn him into a JEROME BETTIS type back is when he sucked. He was srictly a SHORT YARDAGE-GOALINE BACK. And that is not how you use him. HE NEEDS HIS CARRIES.

      big ups to snk16.


      • My vote is for Tatum. If he could only stay healthy and I have heard he has "beefed up" a little over this off season. I can't wait to see him in training camp to see if that is really true.

        Tatum has the speed Portis did and the same shiftiness. If he can learn to run between the tackles and take the hits then he could be our feature back.

        Ron did fine last year but he does not have the speed Tatum does. If you need those tough 1-3 yards for a third down then put him in. He also probably would be better on third down because he probably is a better pass protector then Tatum also.

        With Tatum's homerun abiltiy and if he can stay heathy, Tatum is the starter.
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        • Mike Bell will be the starter