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    Originally posted by GridironChamp
    Those number prove that they lost an important part of the thier D. AKA Saragusa(i know the spelling is way off) Now that they have another big body in middle, we will see what happens. But Im telling you the Ravens willbe a top 5 D and have a great chance to be #1.

    Um i actually like Rueben and didnt dawg on him. But i think Jamal has a problem that happens to guys in jail related to a shower.
    They have lost a lot more people than Siragusa.
    The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

    The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


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      Originally posted by GridironChamp
      I hope this is sarcasm.

      OK this is getting really old. The Browns suck, period. Their pass D sucks their Run D sucks. Ray Lewis is still the best LB in the legue, Ngata is unproven? Um DT alot of times are proven going into the NFL. All they have to do is take up space and draw Double teams. Ex. Vince Wilfork great DT even as a rookie.

      Browns have bad CBs, bad S's and even worse DL. The Ravens Defense is good and the Browns defense sucks get used to it. Thats how it is.
      You just don't get that "General Discussion" and "Smack" difference , do you......
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        Originally posted by rcsodak
        You just don't get that "General Discussion" and "Smack" difference , do you......
        Does my opinion offend you? Well just dont read it

        Dawg, no doubt they have but they also have brought people. And Siragusa was the player that Lewis noted as being a big loss. He is happy with Ngata because its another big body that will help him roam with blockers all over him.
        Club Leader: Robert Griffin III > Andrew Luck

        ^^^Get used to it.^^^


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          Hey guys!

          Can we drop the smack and just stick to a civilized discussion on the topic?

          With fans from different teams, I guess a little smack is to be expected, and that's fine, but lets try to contain it a little, huh? No need to derail a perfectly fine conversation.

          Have nice day!