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  • nufan

    hey everyone, i'm new to this forum. i've recently got converted to a broncos fan by my co-workers. i moved to denver two years ago from california cuzz of work. i was a niners fan, until last year. i never watched any of the games here until last season. one of my co-works said he'll take me to the "hill" and the converting process will be complete. I not sure what he means. but anyways i'm glad to be here. also you may notice i don't have any avatar or pix. could some send me a link or post me a site to where i could get one. thanks.

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    Welcome, you add your avatar in your user CP, I think you might need 10 posts first though, not sure these days.

    Some more info.
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      WELCOME! I hope you have a fun time here!
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        Welcome have fun and just PM or post in the Graphics Gallery to get a sig or avy.


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          Welcome to the boards and congrats on becoming a new fan!

          BTW, your avatar can only be so big until...........I forgot.

          Check the stickied thread about CPs and so fourth.
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