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    Updated mock draft: How it all 'works out' now
    March 24, 2004
    By Pete Prisco Senior Writer
    Tell Pete your opinion!

    The idea of a mock draft is to plug players in with the right teams, even if it means bucking the rankings you might have worked up. The feeling here is it should never be influenced by workouts.

    But that's not the reality.

    It's a stretch to have Southern California's Mike Williams in the top 10 right now. (Getty Images)
    For example, Virginia Tech running back Kevin Jones is still the top-rated back on our list, even if his Pro Day workout last week resulted in 4.6 times in the 40-yard dash. He plays much faster than that.

    NFL teams will downgrade him because of his slow times, which is why he isn't as high in this mock draft as he was in the first one we did. He still should be a top 15 pick, but he might not be now that his times were not blazing.

    Question: Anyone ever see him caught from behind? Didn't think so.

    The Chargers are still contemplating what to do with the first pick, but for now we'll have them taking Eli Manning, the player they should take. But they could still trade down, or even take a receiver.

    The big surprise in this mock draft is how far down Southern California's Mike Williams slides. We have the Packers taking him with the 25th pick, based on the talk with scouts he might not run much better than a 4.7. Williams didn't separate all that much in the Pac-10, although he did dominate with his size and power.

    That won't cut it in the NFL, so until his Pro Day workout April 8, we'll keep him near the bottom. By the time we do the final mock, coming the night before the draft, Williams could be much higher.

    Until then, all you can do is stew over this one.

    1. San Diego Chargers -- Eli Manning, QB, Mississippi. They haven't upgraded the position in free agency, so they have to take Manning if they stay in this spot. If not, they might move down to get Philip Rivers. The wise move would be to stay.

    2. Oakland Raiders -- Robert Gallery, T, Iowa. They pass on a quarterback and take the best offensive lineman in the draft. The can't-miss guy is Gallery. Getting a premier left tackle is vital to the success of any offense.

    3. Arizona Cardinals -- Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Pittsburgh. This will be a mistake, but Dennis Green wins out and gets his guy. What's the use of having all the receivers the Cardinals will have -- they got two in the first two rounds last year -- if nobody can throw them the ball?

    4. New York Giants -- Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Miami of Ohio. They loved the idea of taking Gallery or Manning, but with those two gone they get the big, strong passer of the future.

    5. Washington Redskins -- Tommie Harris, DT, Oklahoma. He was impressive in his Pro Day workout and the Redskins are in dire need of a quality defensive lineman. Harris makes too much sense.

    6. Detroit Lions -- Kellen Winslow Jr., TE, Miami. If they can get Winslow to make plays in the middle of the field, it will open things up outside for Charlie Rogers. Winslow is the best overall player in the draft.

    7. Cleveland Browns -- Sean Taylor, S, Miami. Butch Davis is reunited with a player he helped bring to Miami. Taylor is the next Ronnie Lott, even if his Pro Day workout was not that impressive.

    8. Atlanta Falcons -- Vince Wilfork, DT, Miami. The new regime is going to a 4-3 front and Wilfork would make a nice addition inside next to Rod Coleman. They could also consider a receiver.

    9. Jacksonville Jaguars -- Kenechi Udeze, DE, Southern California. This is a team that has to upgrade the pass rush, which is what Udeze can do. They might consider a receiver, such as Roy Williams of Texas, but with a deep draft at that position, they can address that later.

    10. Houston Texans -- DeAngelo Hall, CB, Virginia Tech. They would like an upgrade from Marcus Coleman, which could mean a move by him to free safety. Hall can run, which is needed in the division with teams that throw the ball.

    11. Pittsburgh Steelers -- Philip Rivers, QB, North Carolina State. The Steelers have to find a quarterback for the future, and they are said to love Rivers. This is a pick that makes sense.

    12. New York Jets -- Chris Gamble, CB, Ohio State. He didn't run that well at his Pro Day workout, but the Jets use a lot of cover-two, which doesn't require the fastest corners. He plays faster than he ran anyway.

    13. Buffalo Bills -- Roy Williams, WR, Texas. The Bills need a big-play weapon outside to go with Eric Moulds, and they're thrilled Williams is still on the board. Josh Reed goes back to being a No. 3.

    14. Chicago Bears -- Will Smith, DE, Ohio State. They have to get somebody who can knock down the other team's quarterback. Smith has that ability.

    15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- Steven Jackson, RB, Oregon State. Tampa Bay signed Charlie Garner, but he's 32 years old. Jackson is the back of the future. His ability to catch passes makes him perfect for the Bucs' offense.

    16. San Francisco 49ers -- Reggie Williams, WR, Washington. With Terrell Owens gone, the 49ers have to get some deep speed. Williams proved on his Pro Day he has the ability to get deep.

    17. Cincinnati Bengals -- Will Poole, CB, Southern California. The Bengals have to get better on the corners, and they have spent a lot of time studying Poole. He can be a good cover corner.

    18. New Orleans Saints -- D.J. Williams, LB, Miami. The Saints will consider a corner, but with Williams on the board, they get a swift linebacker to add to their defense.

    19. Minnesota Vikings -- Dunta Robinson, CB, South Carolina. They signed Antoine Winfield in free agency; now they add the speed corner in the draft.

    20. Miami Dolphins -- Shawn Andrews, T, Arkansas. The Dolphins can't believe this 350-pound tackle is still on the board. Andrews will be an immediate starter for a team that needs offensive line help.

    21. New England Patriots -- Kevin Jones, RB, Virginia Tech. He didn't run as well as the scouts thought he would at his Pro Day workout, but he is faster than his stopwatch time (4.6). If New England gets him, it will be a major steal.

    22. Dallas Cowboys -- Vernon Carey, OL, Miami. Carey can play both guard and right tackle, which the Cowboys need. He looks the part of a Dallas offensive lineman.

    23. Seattle Seahawks -- Darnell Dockett, DT, Florida State. He is a quick, penetrating tackle, the kind the Seahawks like. He will replace the retiring John Randle.

    24. Denver Broncos -- Ben Watson, TE, Georgia. His workout was off the charts this week, and Denver needs a tight end in case Shannon Sharpe retires. Watson has great athletic ability.

    25. Green Bay Packers -- Mike Williams, WR, Southern California. The Packers are stunned when a player of this caliber is still on the board. Even though receiver isn't a high priority, they still take Williams.

    26. St. Louis Rams -- Rashaun Woods, WR, Oklahoma State. Isaac Bruce is getting up in years and appears to have slowed some. Woods will be the third receiver now, then take over when Bruce is gone.

    27. Tennessee Titans -- Matthias Askew, DT, Michigan State. They got Robaire Smith from Michigan State; now they go back to get a player with more athletic ability to replace him.

    28. Philadelphia Eagles -- Ahmad Carroll, CB, Arkansas. With Bobby Taylor and Troy Vincent gone, they have to get better on the corners. He is insurance in case Lito Sheppard or Sheldon Brown flops.

    29. Indianapolis Colts -- Jonathan Vilma, LB, Miami. This is the perfect middle linebacker for their system, a guy who can run to the football and make plays. Rob Morris hasn't cut it under the new system.

    30. Kansas City Chiefs -- Igor Olshansky, DT, Oregon. The Chiefs have to get better in the middle of their defense. Olshansky is strong enough to help improve the run as a rookie.

    31. Carolina Panthers -- Ben Troupe, TE, Florida. They need to get a pass-catching threat in the middle of the field and Troupe is that guy. He will help take some of the pressure off Steve Smith.

    32. New England Patriots -- Daryl Smith. LB, Georgia Tech. They need to get younger at linebacker, and Smith is an athletic player who makes a lot of tackles. They could also consider a corner or an offensive lineman here.

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    almost all the mock drafts i see say we'll take troupe except this one...


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        Why would we get Watson in the first round when we can get him in the second?


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          Originally posted by EddyMac87
          Why would we get Watson in the first round when we can get him in the second?
          Agreed. You always take talent in the first round. Even if you do not necessarily need that particular position filled.

          That is unless you are the San Diego Chargers. They are more gun-shy than a fourth quarter Chiefs D.


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            Originally posted by EddyMac87
            Why would we get Watson in the first round when we can get him in the second?
            I agree. If we can pick him up with our 2A why would we waste 24 on him, not that it would be wasted but it would be nice to see DJ Williams or Vilma fill our #24


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              I think we should grab Mike Williams, WR, Southern California in the 1st rd and Ben Watson, TE, Georgia in the 2nd rd.


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                Re: Re: Re: wowsom

                Originally posted by westflbroncostud
                rivers a top 15 pick.....this draft is a shamble......its no good....rivers is early 2nd
                Not the way he has gained in the last workout he had. He is looking at being a top 20 pick but I agree with you this draft Sucks!!


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                  anyone else notice that this deuche doesn't have Mike Williams going until pick 25 to Green Bay? That alone totally discredits anything this writer has to say


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                    Kevan Jones #21 overall after running slower than syrup on a cold day?? Let alone the 2nd back over all come one give me a break this has to be a joke right....... Where's the camera??


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                      Kevan Jones #21 overall after running slower than syrup on a cold day?? Let alone the 2nd back over all come one give me a break this has to be a joke right....... Where's the camera??


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                        Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: wowsom

                        Originally posted by westflbroncostud
                        yes.....i will grow gray hair if sean taylor goes #6 when he had a horrible workout...a 4.51 time and weak bench reps and didnt even do the shuttle
                        Don't worrry about those workouts, they don't mean a thing. Look at Boldin last year, he was too slow to be a first rd. pick! Rem. that Mike Mamula, he tore up the combine went #7 i think and sucked to beat hell in the NFL. Boz was the same thing. They start measuring heart, i'll pay a little more attention.


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                          Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: wowsom

                          Originally posted by Almost Heaven
                          Boz was the same thing.


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                            Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: wowsom

                            Originally posted by westflbroncostud
                            bozworth....the "boz"....he was a seahawk who was a guy madonna basically
                            Oh!!, Brian Bosworth who got his a** layed out by Mr. Bo Jackson. He talked a big game but he couldn't back it up.


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                              If Mike Williams slips down to 24, we must take him