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    Re: Re: Re: Derock

    Originally posted by EddyMac87
    Thats the thing we DO need a great corner.
    I do realize this is only my opinion but since when is a "great" cornerback more valuable than a "great" running back? And I use the term "great" loosely as it relates to Champ Bailey.


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      Re: Re: Re: Re: Derock

      Originally posted by Derock
      I do realize this is only my opinion but since when is a "great" cornerback more valuable than a "great" running back?
      Okay your right. A great RB is more valuable then a great corner. But we dont need portis because we can turn Q, hearst or a draft pick into a great corner. The one thing missing from our team has been secondary. With Lynch and Bailey we now are in great shape.


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        Originally posted by Elway
        Neil is good, but you can't have that kind of mental lapse in a playoff game, he's a vet and knows better. To have that happen was ridiculous.
        That was pretty rediculous. But he wasn't the only vet that kind of forgot where he was. How about Wilson's "little" oops when he decided to stop playing and yell at everyone while the Colts got up and ran it in for a touchdown?



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          it was frustration.
          And with Porits, if he continues to miss 4 - 5 games in the next few years, those injuries will come back to haunt him. Running Backs take more hits then most players. And if hes getting injuried this early, it will have a toll down the road.


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            pro-bowl contenders dont cost the team 60 yards... thats ridiculous

            apparently they do.. since Neil isn't a "pro-bowl contender" ( I don't even know what that is).. Dan Neil is a GREAT offensive lineman and HAS been for years. He's been a constant in the pro-bowls. Just because he had a mental game doesn't take away from his ability. How many pro-bowlers have you seen that have mental lapse? What about Brett Favre's STUPID STUPID pass that he just THREW UP into the air last year in the playoffs? I thought the defensive backs were going to call for a fair-catch! He's a HALL of FAMER! THAT's ridiculous!


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              You could have envisioned him breaking the records? hmmm... again, its speculation and not fact. You are speculating that he will continue to have such success... you are speculating that he won't get injured. I'm just saying that you pointed out facts vs opinions. The fact is, he ISN'T our franchise leading rusher *shrugs*. we will never know if he would have been.

              "...he still finished with one of the best career starts in history!..."

              Man, you really have a thing for Portis, huh? Are you sure on this "fact?" Because I would bet that his wasn't any record setting start for a running back. Like the example I used before, didn't Edgerin James have similar start? What about Jamal Anderson? Considering that Portis has already shown the tendency to miss games due to injury ...I personally don't think he can make it in the NFL long enough to break records. THATS my OPINION. Its not a fact (yet), but I certainly believe its true.

              "...You're right, you don't NEED Clinton Portis just like you don't NEED Champ Bailey..."

              What I said was, we don't NEED Clinton to have a successful running game. That being said, I think that we can put a running game on the field that is SUCCESSFUL enough to let the offense DO what it wants to do, and be GOOD enough to provide a running attack that opposing teams must be concerned about. So what if we have only a 1300yrd rusher. *shrugs* I can't say the same thing about another corner back. Champ provides us with the ability to do things with our defense that we couldn't do with the personel that we had before. You mentioned others that we COULD have gotten, but we STILL would to have paid Clinton TOP running back money for a running back that ISN'T the top runner in the league!

              "Great" corner backs have become more valuable than "Great" running backs (and I use GREAT very loosely to describe Portis) since the skills of the WRs have surpassed the skills of the defensive back. There are MANY great running backs in the league, and the second tier guys are doing well enough to provide their teams with SUFFICIANT running games to give their multible receiver sets enough to run the offense. Running games work off good passing games, and passing games work off running the football.

              I would bet that Mike feels comfortable enough with the people on his roster, to give OUR team a SUFFICIANT running game to provide the offense with what it needs to run successfully. Its that simple. We can debate this back-n-forth.

              I dont know if anyone on the roster can provide a running game that is going to be formidable. It MIGHT take a step back. We don't know yet. I DO know, that Champ is BETTER than the corner that we had starting before. With that said, alone, our defense has improved.


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                Lynch was a good sign but not really needed too. We had pretty good safties already, hes just gonna be able to mentor them a bit.