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    1: super bowl xxxii best day of my life, I remember waking up the next morning and asking my self is this a dream,

    2: super bowl xxxiii it was on my birthday January 31 1999

    3: last Monday night football game at mile high nothing better then beating the raiders (Jeff George) :idiot:

    4: 97 Jacksonville I have had season tickets since I have been 7 years old and the jaguars’ loss was horrible.

    5 I am just lucky enough to be in mile high or Invesco with the best dam fans in sports sold out since 1973 25,000 people one the waiting list, need I say more.
    Go broncos XLI BABY
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      I maybe too old school but this is my favorite in Bronco History....This is where it all Started, I was 20 years old and got a field pass from Red Miller's Son...It was absolutely unbelievable....

      Bob Martin's Quote

      "The miracale has happened the Broncos are going to the Super Bowl"

      1977 AFC Championship Game vs. Oakland Raiders
      Sunday, January 01, 1978, 12:00 PM (Mountain Standard)

      1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Total
      Broncos 7 0 7 6 0 20
      Raiders 3 0 0 14 0 17

      AUDIO: Denver beats Oakland 20-17 to earn first trip to the Super Bowl

      Denver quarterback Craig Morton threw two touchdown passes to Haven Moses as the Broncos defeated the defending NFL Champion Oakland Raiders 20-17 and moved into their first Super Bowl.

      Morton, who was drafted and spent nine-and-a-half years with the Cowboys, would face his former Dallas teammates after completing 10 of 20 passes for 224 yards. It would be the second meeting in five weeks for these two teams — Dallas won 14-6 in the regular season finale as Morton played only the opening series due to a bruised hip.

      On a sunny, 18-degree day before 74,982 Denver partisans, the Raiders scored on their initial possession as Errol Mann kicked a 20-yard field goal to climax an 18-play drive. Morton hit Moses for their first scoring hookup two plays later on a 74-yard touchdown bomb, and the Broncos were on top to stay.

      Denver took advantage of two Oakland turnovers in the second half to win its second game in three meetings with Raiders during the 1977 season. Defensive end Brison Manor recovered running back Clarence Davis’ fumble at the Oakland 17 and running back Jon Keyworth scored from the 1-yard line to increase the margin to 14-3 in the third quarter.

      Oakland quarterback Ken Stabler hit tight end Dave Casper on the first of two scoring passes to narrow the lead to 14-10 with 39 seconds elapsed in the final period. But on Oakland’s next possession, linebacker Bob Swenson intercepted a Stabler pass and ran to the Raiders’ 14. Morton then threw 12 yards to Moses for the Broncos’ final touchdown. Oakland finished the scoring on the next series as Stabler threw 17 yards to Casper for the game’s last touchdown.

      Denver controlled the ball for the final 3:08 and gave Red Miller the AFC title in his first year as head coach. Moses, a 10-year veteran, had 5 receptions for 168 yards. The Denver defense, which was No. 1 against the rush in the NFL during the regular season, held the Raiders to 94 yards on the ground.

      Referee — Chuck Heberling (46); Umpire — Ralph Morcroft (15); Line Judge — Bruce Alford (24); Head Linesman — Ed Marion (26); Back Judge — Stan Javie (29); Field Judge — Arman Terzian (23)


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        never got to got a mile high game. i have been to 4 broncos games my entire life.

        1. beating the pats in the playoffs. 1st playoff game played at invesco
        2. beating the eagles last year. my first game in denver. what an atmosphere. you cant belive how loud it gets. (wish i got to go to a milehigh game, heard its even louder then Invesco)
        3. 98 against the falcons in the ga dome elway and sharpe had a big game and kicked ass
        4. in the 80's when denver beat atlanta at fulton county staidum, my 1st game. i think it was somewhere between 84-88. i was young. all my dads side of the family lives there(colorado springs) and he moved here to atl because he meet my mom. so i grew up on denver football, but we could never plan a trip but summertime to go see the fam. I am coming up there to the kc game, so maybe i can rearange this in a couple of weeks. oh yea, im still looking for tickets. i have a dog named elway he is like 8yrs old and got a dog named lelie lol atleast he was traded to the falcons i guess. one of the worst games was losing to atlanta(in denver) 2yrs ago and listening to all the **** i had too. we got our ass kicked, but still almost game back. i think watts dropped a 4th down td if i remember right. denver comes here in 2008 cant wait.
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          My first one would be the MNF in 2003 against the Raiders. Samuel **** Jackson makes a great intro to the rivalry. I thought we are going to lose, but I was wrong and we won. It was my first game watching the Bronco, and since then I love the Broncos to death.
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            Originally posted by White Dragon
            I think everyone remembers that game. It was the 2001 season opener on September 10th, on Monday Night against the Giants. It was the first regular season game played at Invesco and Eddy Mac was going accross the middle of the field, Griese threw it high and McCaffrey went up to grab it and got hit by the DB the wrong way and both bones in his lower leg were broken.
            Maybe I have my year wrong? But I think the game I'm remembering was 2003, after he recuped from serious injury. It was his first game back and it was great to see him play again...and our first or second possession, he was hit and taken out of the game. I just remember feeling sick to my stomach through the rest of the day.


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              My favorite game of all time was at Mile High when I got to see John Elway play his first home game...I was lucky enough to be given tickets by a family friend and saw it live on the 40 yrd line...It was only my third game at Mile High and I wouldn't give that memory up for anything...
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