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    Re: Re: Re: If you could add one player....

    Originally posted by Derock
    Oops. I probably should have checked the records before I made this post. I was technically incorrect in saying the Chargers had a losing record every year that Tomlinson has been there. The Chargers finished 8-8 in 2002 so I guess what I really mean the Chargers have not been able to post a winning season despite all of the success of Tomlinson. Also the yardage comparison between Portis and Tomlinson is based on the first two years of their career since Portis only has two year vs Tomlinson's three.
    I think the fact that the Chargers suck so much is a testament to how nasty Tomlinson is. If you were to surround Tomlinson with the players that K.C. or Den has, I think Tomlinson is a legitimate 2,000 yard rusher.

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      Originally posted by el chiefo
      Pennington and Vick, they both suck.

      The Best QB's in the NFL Today are as follows


      and Gannon

      The rest are just losers

      kind of like Plummer
      Well,at least your dumbass illiterate self didn't include green in the upper group....
      ...and you just plug in plummer cuz he called off the wedding with your sister.......there goes the money, scheiskopf!
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        Originally posted by The Dark Knight
        I don't care if we can run it with anyone back there, I want

        LaDainian Tomlinson!!!
        Hell yes! IMO, he's the best RB in the NFL!


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          Tomlinson is the best player in the league - hands down. Anyone know his current contract situation? I would love to see him don the orange and blue one day


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            LT is the BEST running back... EASILY....

            if you want GIANT playmakers that LEAD... you have to go with Peyton, or Ray Lewis.

            I would pick Harrison over Moss, I want his quiet selflishness instead of the "Me Me" crap moss brings...(and I dont give a flying FIG about Madden..that crap don't mean anything here)

            Vick is scarey, but he can't be labled the best. He has only played ONE and one/half year! *laughs*... where are the adults??

            So who would make the BIGGEST impact THIS year. We really need a big time WR threat....

            Harrison or Ladanian Tomlinson...


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              Would everyone please quit putting Vick on the Top QB's of all time list - the guy is only three years into his career, he didn't even play one and a half of those seasons. He probably has the most potential of any player ever - but he has yet to reach that full potential and until he does and plays at a hall of fame level for 8 to 10 years, don't even mention his name anywhere near Elway, Montana, Favre, Marino, Unitas etc...


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                Originally posted by westflbroncostud
                i didnt....i would love to have him on this team....u forgot bradshaw...dont say farve i dont like that kid
                the ect... was for all the great QB's I forgot, and there are a bunch


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                  he definitely belongs - he has single handedly made that franchise a consistent winner for the last 10 years. He has the consecutive starts record for an NFL QB which incidentally will never be broken. If he hasn't already passed Marino for most passing TD's all time, he will in the next year or two. He DEFINITELY belongs on that list. In my opinion, he is the funnest player to watch in the league now, maybe of all time - although I'm only 24 so I haven't been able to watch alot of the greats


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                    he just signed a new contract that would indicate that he is going to play more than this next season.... so I would expect to see a minimum of 2-3 more years from Favre.


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                      Like I said..... he wouldn't sign a contract where he is expected to get paid for more than this if he was going to retire... he's planning on playing more than this year *shakes my head*


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                        when did he sign a new contract...i never heard anythin like that.


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                          we need a new running back or quarterback. The defense is complete and the wide reciever is set with Rod. But quentin or jake could be a serious disappointment this year. My choice would never be Ricky Williams becuase he is really overated but Duece Mecalister would be a good choice becuase he is pretty young and mature. He has power and some speed. He was fourth on the rushing yards list last year behind Jamal Lewis Ahman Green and Portis. But for a quaterback i would have to chose Tom Brady becuase he is all MR. Playoff. I would garentee if yall had him a definate super bowl win!


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                            westflstud your stud becuase you no that Brett Farve is one of the greatest of all time. I'd like to see you play the day after your dad die. And do as great as he did against the raiders. And lets see he doesnt have any records? Well he has the longest consetcutive starts, has the most touchdown passes in the playoffs, is about the have the most passing yards of all time in a season and the playoffs. And you dont think he is that good. He is a definate legend and will be in the hall of fame as the ironman. Why dont you grow a brain and live in the real world instead of thinking of all the old retired quaterbacks.


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                              yeah brady blows huh. Lets see plummer take the broncos to two super bowls in three years. And be the mvp both games! yeah adnd thats 5 punchs for sayen brett farve sucks and another 5 for calling me redd


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                                what is a spamer