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Broncos vs Texans attempt to break record for bootlegs

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    Originally posted by DenBronx
    wow good post, however it is really hard to believe and it doesnt sound like shanny, jake or kube. i have never heard them talk like that. can you provide a valid link? this seems made up....i could be wrong.
    XD. Of course its made up.
    RIP Darrent Williams


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      Should be a good game... Broncos North vs Broncos south...

      The master against the pupil.... Old Jedi vs New.... Ok maybe that is pushing it too far...

      12 days until the season begins!
      The Game Day Thread: Year 17 in progress!!! sigpic


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        funny stuff.......i'm guessing there is about 8 bootlegs per team.....I'll go w/ 19 bootlegs in the game tomrrow night.


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          Originally posted by dogfish
          that was my favorite line also, it had me laughing out loud. . . . .

          TDK, did you write that yourself?

          Yeah, I wrote it this morning when I got off of work.


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            Originally posted by The Dark Knight
            Yeah, I wrote it this morning when I got off of work.

            awesome!! :thumb:

            Officially Objectified by the GPA

            rest in peace, darrent williams and damien nash-- you will be missed!!


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              Texans and Broncos wont nearly have as many bootlegs as a street kiosk in Thailand.


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                Originally posted by sneakers
                Texans and Broncos wont nearly have as many bootlegs as a street kiosk in Thailand.
                Great line!!

                Hey TDK: Funny what you can come up with after not sleeping for a while huh?

                Great post. One of the best parody writers of all time (sic).


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                  Thanks for your comments.


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                    Well done Knight. I actually laughed out loud, especially with the Carr comments.


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                      That is frickin hilarious! CP later when I get more... :clap:
                      Go Broncos, make me keep believing this year


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                        I didn't get a chance to see the game. :brick:

                        Anyone know how many bootlegs we had from both teams?


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                          Originally posted by Snapping Turtle
                          "David Carr is a chode. He can't bootleg like J-Plum baby." Plummer said.
                          J-Plum rollin ' in his Honda Elly, seat gangsta-leaned back, 22" lo-pro's with spinning caps, lid on sideways, singing the Eastern Motors theme song ("At Eastern Motors, your jobs your credit...")

                          Thank you for the image.

                          I'll now go kill myself.

                          "When an honest man discovers he is mistaken, he will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest." -anonymous


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                            Originally posted by The Dark Knight
                            Denver, Colorado (AP)

                            The game of football is game of inches......and bootlegs.

                            Both teams know the gameplan coming in.

                            "We're going to bootleg till the cows come home." said Mike Shanahan coach of the Broncos . "There's no one better than me with these bootlegs. I'm the king of bootleg planning. Just ask anyone. So if I'm the king, just take a guess at who the queen is?" Shanahan said.

                            Across the sidlines, former Denver offensive cordinator and now head coach of the Texans, Kubiak had a similair take

                            "We're going to bootleg till it stops working, and then we're going to bootleg some more. I'm going to bootleg untill David Carr wishes he was getting sacked again," Kubiak said.

                            But no matter how well you plan the bootlegs, you need a field general that can carry them out. Jake Plummer knows he's that general.

                            "I'm the best there is, no question. When God invented the bootleg, he did it in my image," said Plummer.

                            David Carr is a bootleg newbie by comparison. This is his first season under a bootleg heavy system. And the change is rather shocking for the Texan QB.

                            "This is rediculous. He has us bootlegging 9 out of 10 plays. No one needs to do it that much, It's crazy."

                            Carr claims he's even racked up injuries because of non-stop bootlegs.

                            "I have turf toe from bootlegging all's stupid."

                            When asked about the new challenger to bootleg throne, Plummer was less than worried.

                            "David Carr is a chode. He can't bootleg like J-Plum baby." Plummer said. "I have seen him play. He just doesn't have the tools and doesn't have the moxie. Plus his haircut is worse than mine, nuff said."

                            Both teams meet Sunday night at Invesco Field @ Mile High.
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