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Hey from Fin Fan In Cali!

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    i can't get in u see lol i told the log in thing to remember me so that's the farthest i can get into finehaven now


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      What was your login name?


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        Elway and i swear i had no mean or offensive posts


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          Originally posted by ChrisKamanowns
          Elway and i swear i had no mean or offensive posts
          All I can say it is covered in your code of conduct as well. I will leave it that. :brick:
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            Originally posted by Fin Fan In Cali
            Thanks for the welcome bro. Stop by the Graphics forum and show your stuff. One heads up though. We have had other members from other Dolphin sites come in and steal sigs and avatars. I would suggest you put a watermark in your work that will be hard to take out. Just a heads up.
            OH, lol i dont make sigs, i was just comparing the first few i saw compared to soem of ours here, and some of the ones i have in a folder. Im sure there are some better ones on your site, but the ppl posting on whatever i was reading werent very good.

            I think i was reading the "Patriots a legitament SB contender, Plz tell me how" or something like that in the smack section.
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            ^^^Get used to it.^^^


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              Originally posted by LordTrychon
              Really? You're a mod there?

              I haven't heard great things about fin heaven, honestly... although usually people are bitter after a banning.

              In any case... welcome, and I hope you post a bit and have a good time. Feel free to stick around... although if you're a mod at finheaven, obviously you have a home to post at.
              Thanks for signing up. Stop by when you extra time.