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My Cardinals Stadium Experience...It SUCKS!!!

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    I know this is kinda off topic, but.. you all say how crappy and cheap owners are, apparently the Bidwell's in Az., but, i thought i'd jam a props out to one owner... not NFL, but, NHL...

    My dad has sold a few horses to the Leipold's, Craig owns the Nashville Predators... they live in Racine, Wisconsin and all hockey season, they live in Nashville. He is the most generous millionaire i ever met, and, being my dad's spoiled lil rich brat, i met alot. He gives and gives AND gives more. If you get crappy food or get done wrong at a Preds game, he makes it right.

    He sits with the fans, no box suite for Craig, nope, right in the crowd. He even chartered 4 southwest planes, the official preds airline, and surprised all his staff and took them all on a road trip out west to Canada. It's little things like that that keep ppl loyal, their called a 'small market team' but, i see it as a small market team with a big heart. More pro team owners should be like that.

    Always beware of the Lonewolf.