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    Originally posted by xX-Bronco-Xx
    Congrats to your son

    Tell him to work his butt off and never give up so he can one day start in Denver
    He sure has the talent.

    Congrats Mr. Myers.


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      awesome that he made the team!!! i may fly out from cali this year with a few friends, so hopefully i will get to see him play.


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        Thanks everyone

        Again thank you everyone for the grats and well wishes. I really think the Broncos are going to shine this year with the talent we have and the depth chart. A lot of coaches have been waiting for our cuts to surface because they knew we were loaded. I think for the most part the best 53 are whats left on the team. Hopefully our injuries this year will be minimal and the back ups will get some playing time to help groom them to step up.

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