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Rod Smith's Carrer is over this year or next year....

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    Originally posted by Birdo
    Now here is a fair-weather fan. Why would you take it off, and of all things put it in the trunk? Extremely disappointing...

    And how do you think that having a bigger back is the solution to our playoff woes?

    With regard to the actual topic of the thread, Rod will be around at least 2-4 years I think. I see him playing a couple more good seasons, maybe another as a #2 or 3 and then hanging it up.
    Fair weather!!!!

    I dont think you quite understand, the way i was feeling at that time, I was ready to snap on any steeler fan who said something to me. the slightest thing and i would have went off, which probably would not have been good, cause i had to walk down the street filled with drunk steeler fans.

    And yeah i put the hat in my trunk, so freakin(keepin it clean) what if that disappoints you, i was embarrassed the steelers did that to us in our own house. I was disappointed at THAT. I didnt want to see anything with a bronco logo, i didnt watch the news didnt watch the highlights, on the way home I drove 35 miles per hour and the speed limit was like 70 i was in disarray. I'll do what i wanna do. If I was a fair weather fan i would not have given a flip if we won or lost id roll with the steelers when i was in pittsburgh like my mom and my sister damnit. You dont know what its like i was in Atlanta when we beat them in the SuperBowl people wanted to beat me up, but i still wore the davis jersey to school. You dont know what you talkin about

    and how could the rest of yall let him call me a fairweather fan?

    anyway, haiving a bigger back puts in in better position to play with the tougher defenses. with our smallish o-line we need a back who can get yards after contact.
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    dont let him pull dat move on ya, dont let him pull that move.......................oh no dats da move! TOUCHDOWN!!!

    I tried to warn ya.