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  • Mike Shanahan Should Be Fired

    After watching the game, thinking about it a little last night - though surprisingly the loss didn't effect my sleep too much - and then reading a great many posts on this page today, I've come to one inescapable - though probably a bit controversial, especially with those St. Shanny morons - conclusion: "Mike Shanahan should be fired."

    First of all, since the retirement of John Elway (from this point forward refered to as "The Football god I"), Shanahan has only coached us to a single playoff victory (that was really all thanks to Champ Baily and a fumble forced by our punter anyway). Yes, he led us to back to back SB victories, however that was only because of The Football god, who was helped - a little - by some running back named Davis.

    Second, Shanahan hired Jake Plummer (hence forth refered to as "The Mistake"), thus dooming us to the low quality football we've seen since that hiring. For this, he could maybe be forgiven were it not for the dozens of quality QBs that have just been sitting around waiting for a HC to put them on a team so they could take that team to the SB. I mean, they're literally so bored that some of the older ones are doing pregame shows for crying out loud. Marino, Young, Bradshaw, why hasn't Shanahan picked up one of these HoFers to lead our team? And don't even get me started on all of the NFL ready, quality players coming out of college every year. Why just the other day I was playing NCAA football 2005, throwing for 500 yds and rushing for another 150 with my QB and thinking, "man, if UNM QB #16 can do this in a video game, just imagine how well he'd play in a real life NFL game!"

    Last, and by far the worst, is the fact that Jay Cutler (here after refered to as "The Football god II") isn't starting yet. What the Hell is Shanahan thinking? I only got to watch one preseason game because the SciFi channel was boring and I accidentally came across it, and I already know that The Football god II is obviously the second coming of The Football god I! Seriously, watching The Football god II playing against second stringers and bland Defenses was clear and indisputible proof that he was the next big thing. The fact that he isn't starting is a travisty. After The Mistake's first turnover he should have been pulled off the field and traded (right there during the game)... after his second, he should have been fined and then cut... by his fourth? Well, I'm not sure what Shanahan should have done (maybe something involving ninjas?), but clearly it never should have gone that far. After he was sacked that first time Shanahan should have sent in The Football god II right then and there.

    Obviously Mike Shanahan, who apparently told the CBS commentators that he didn't think The Football god II wasn't ready to play yet, is an imbecile. If we, the loyal Bronco fans, who have watched numerous games on TV and perhaps - if we are wealthy enough or know someone who is - have even gone to a game or two, can see The Football god II's ability, why can't he? He sees The Football god II every day at practice, he had front row seats for The Football god II's glorious showing in preseason, and he's seen what The Mistake does everytime he touches the ball, how hard is it to make this decision? I could freakin' coach this team and I only played one year of football in real life (though I've made up for it with numerous undefeated seasons in Madden Football)!

    In closing, Shanahan must go. He makes the calls on who should start and who should sit and clearly he isn't very good at it. One playoff victory after The Football god I retired? Unacceptable. Hiring The Mistake? Unimaginable. Not playing The Football god II after seeing/knowing how bad Plummer was? Unforgivable.

    Fire Shanahan and get someone who will immediately cut/trade (like anyone would want him) The Mistake and start The Football god II by next week! It's the only way to save our season!

    EDIT: For the slow ones who didn't notice "The Football god I" or "The Football god II" or that I suggested that QB #16 from the University of New Mexico could duplicate what I can make him do in the NCAA Football video game in the real NFL, or that I pointed out that Marino, Bradshaw, and Young were so bored they had taken up doing pregame shows and that Shanahan should try hiring one of them.... this is all sarcasm being used to point out that Shanahan will probably play the best people at each possition. If that's Plummer, fine. If it's Cutler, fine. But more than any of those posting on this page, our Head Coach - whom, just to be clear, I don't think we should fire - probably knows whose his best bet for winning a game. I didn't think I should have to mention that this is sarcasm, but apparently people don't like to read very closely around here.....
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    Shanahan is fine, but I gotta admit that I'm getting tired of Plummer. I like the guy, but we aren't going anywhere with him at QB. Sorry.....


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      Wish they still had the idiot smiley


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        Originally posted by xX-Bronco-Xx
        Wish they still had the idiot smiley
        Indeed. :brick:
        GO BRONCOS!


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          Pure idiocy.
          "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. It is the opium of the people." - Karl Marx


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            Originally posted by PLUMMERFAN16
            Shanahan is fine, but I gotta admit that I'm getting tired of Plummer. I like the guy, but we aren't going anywhere with him at QB. Sorry.....
            Try reading the post before commenting, it's amazing what a difference it will make.


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              Never mind...this has to be sarcasm. I just caught the part about bringing in Marino or Bradshaw.

              At least I hope it's sarcasm, otherwise...
              "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. It is the opium of the people." - Karl Marx


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                Originally posted by KyLewin
                Try reading the post before commenting, it's amazing what a difference it will make.
                Sorry. Thought this was a fire Shanny thread. Should've known......


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                  This post wasted almost 2 minutes of my life and I want em back! We need a "Junk" fourm for posts like this.

                  Thank you for everything Darrent. I'll never forget #27.


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                      Looks like we have a couple of the Brushback guys on the boards today!

                      Good stuff!!
                      Ready for the friggen season already!


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                        OMFG..........I seriously never expected to see this thread after one loss...:doh:

                        I knew we had some questionable members here but this by far takes the cake on any other thread I've seen so far.....

                        Thankyou kind sir for making me laugh today. Laughter is the best medicine....



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                          The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

                          Seriously, fire Mike Shanahan? That's ridiculous.

                          Let me give you a little perspective.

                          Do you know how lucky you people in Denver and in the surrounding areas are? No, really. Do you? In an era where the league transitioned to the salary cap system, the Denver Broncos are really only one of a handful of teams that have had their track records of success carry over. You had Dan Reeves, who never won the big one, but brought a competitive team every year, and now you have Shanahan, who (despite some poor decisions over the years, which I'm more than prepared to point out for you in another forum) has taken the success of Reeves and topped it with two Super Bowl rings.

                          Being a head coach isn't just about x's and o's. It's about personnel decisions and management. One thing I'll say for Shanahan - he's got an eye for talent, both with players and assistants. Gary Kubiak just became one of the NFL's newest head coaches - do you think he would have gotten there without Mike Shanahan? Maybe. But Shanahan recognized Kubiak's talent, and coached him up to the level where he was overqualified to be an assistant anymore. Do you think that the Denver running game would be what it is if Shanahan hadn't been able to recognize the brilliance of the scheme? Of course not - at the time, it would have been a terrible risk to attempt to run the rock without the prototypical "big" offensive lineman. Shanahan has found a way to get more out of his players than any coach should rightfully expect.

                          In the meantime, here in Cincinnati, we've had 15 years of pure football misery, and we've finally hired a good coach. I wouldn't trade Marvin for the world, but before he came here, if you told me that Mike Shanahan was available to fill a head coaching vacancy, you bet your ass I would have been writing letters to Mike Brown begging him to hire Shanahan.

                          You guys just don't know how good you've had it. You whine, you complain, you kvetch, and in the meantime, there are teams like the Jets, Saints, and Bills that would kill for a coach like him.

                          In conclusion: get over it, and realize that games in the NFL are played one week at a time.

                          EDIT: Heh. Guess you touched a nerve. Good job.
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                          HEAR ME ROAR!
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                            Oh man...I couldn´t eat that much, that I like to puke. :doh:
                            (or like we say here....Ich kann nicht soviel essen, wie ich kotzen möchte)

                            Hopelessly devoted to the Prankster


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                              Im not sure what I enjoyed more....the sarcastic jab at the bandwagon fans or the posters at this message board flaming you for suggesting we fire Shanahan, when the post was anything but.

                              Seriously folks, read the post before commenting, he's being sarcastic.

                              Regardless, we Bronco fans are making ourselves look like clowns for the way we handle a single loss and the way we gripe about a single bad game by Plummer. Its embarassing guys. Knock it off. At least until the bye that time, if we are still stinking it up, let Plummer have it.
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