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    Originally posted by DPg2003
    Why do people think we have to grab a DT in the 1st Round?? Why not wait till the 3rd or 4th??

    Also, what's the big hype on Boulware?? I think there are at least 4 or 5 other LB's that are better than him in the Draft. If we can't grab D.J. Williams in the 1st then we should grab Lehmen in the 2nd or 3rd.


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      Originally posted by PLUMMERFAN16
      can I quote you on that?????
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        We have Eason, who will virtually be a rookie. We have D. Davis. These two options seem little more than promising. (NOTE THE USE OF "THAN" ... CRITICAL TO THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE)


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          Don't be a Homer. We may have needs past this year....
          (I.E. DTs since 2000 in the first round..... Corey Simon, Chris Hovan, Richard Seymour, Marcus Stroud, Albert Haynesworth, etc.)

          Perhaps a DT isnt the best first year choice. Think outside the box. We might not win this year. We have needs along the line. Even in your utopiestic world something might go wrong. We're not the best team in the league. Get over it.

          Before you pour out one for your homies, take one to your skull. BEECUSE GMAC SYS SOOOOOOOOO


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            Originally posted by DPg2003
            Unless Starks is the next Warren Sapp I don't think we need to draft him in the 1st Round. We have Eason who will be virtually a rookie since he was injured for mostly all of last season. We also have Pope and D. Davis along with Luther Elliss. I can't remember the last DT that came out his 1st year and made a huge impact on his team.

            There are plenty of other LB's in the draft that fit our scheme. D.J. Williams, Jonathan Vilma(I think he can move to OLB), Teddy Lehmen, etc... There are better LB's than Boulware that we have a shot at grabbing.
            Are you serious with this???? I can't remember the last time a team drafted anyone that they only cared about first year production. Look at last year we took our first two guys knowing they wouldn't play all year. Get realistic about why we draft, it is for the future. And yes there have been a ton of top draft picks at DT which are contributing. We don't draft for 1st year huge impact...

            As far as LB go remember Gold didn't start his rookie campaign and Wilson was criticized for overrunning plays all the time. So even if we draft one high it should be for long term not 1st year production and expectations..

            I do agree with you that their are LB better than Boulware. But he is fast and you know how we feel about fast LBs.


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              Here's my plan for moving up in the draft. Minnesota's Mike Tice has already expressed a desire to move down in the draft. Despite the pickup of an overated CB (Antoine Winfield), the Vikes still need help in the secondary. We package Deltha and our #1 for Minnesoata's #1 (19). With any luck, Randy Starks is still available. Then, with our first #2 we pick up TE Ben Watson. Our second #2 we use on WR Michael Jenkins. With three picks we have adressed what I consider to be our three primary needs. If Starks is not available, we could go with D.J. Williams or Jon Vilma. In any case, by moving up five spots we put ourselves in the position to draft based on need without overpaying (e.g. Ben Troupe / Ben Watson with pick #24).

              I think we might be able to get a little higher than 19 for our first round plus Oneil.
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