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    Why is the only choice for moving up on the board to get Winslow?
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      Mike Williams is good no doubt about that, but in college he used his size and strength to overpower coverage, that isn't gonna happen in the nfl. And if the reports of him running a near 4.7 40 then he definetly won't be as much of an impact player. I'd like to see him prove me wrong cuz I wanna see him succeed but I honestly don't think he will be as much of an impact player in the nfl.
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        Well we'll just have to wait a couple more days till his workout, which is April 6th right? Heck, he might not even be able to enter the draft now that the NFL is appealing against him, Clarett, and the other high school idiots that were able to enter.


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          If they get the pick take Taylor, no matter who is on the board. If the Broncos had the #1 they should get him there.


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            isn't exactly the position we are in most need of