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What was our biggest problem in 2003?

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  • What was our biggest problem in 2003?

    Seems to me that we lost several games last year do to SPECIAL teams. The KC game in particular.

    We seemed to lose the field poistion war on more than one occasion on special teams.

    I don't have the stats in front of me, but seems to me that the defense with a few exceptions, was far better than the offense and lots better than special teams.

    We were hurt with the injuries to the LB corp and then in the last couple of games when Herndon and Ferguson were hurt. Until then they were very good. Had a couple of long plays we gave up but overall, very good.

    The offense was outstanding after they got into their swing. When Jake was out, the offense stalled, when Portis was out it wasn't as bad, but with the execption of the 1st INDY game. Portis was a great help. Eddie Mac was not his normal self last year and injuries helped to screw up the passing game. Lelie dropped some game winners or game changers.

    But consistently the special teams stunk.

    Punting into or through the end zone.
    Never being able to punt out of bounds inside the 20.
    Not being able to put the kO's into the end zone or through it.
    Unable to stop team's from starting at their 28 yard line or better.
    Allowing several returns for touch downs.
    Kicking to HALL.

    If I remember correctly we got 1 or maybe 2 return for TD's. One by Delta and then on the next play was burned for a TD. We had a lot of penalties on returns.

    Seemed to me that the other teams started on their 35 yard line almost all the time and we on about the 25 when not backed up near the goal line.

    We have to throw out the Green Bay game, because Shanahan lost that one by resting the team. So what lost the 5 other games?

    To sum it up, I think we lost more games in the regular season to bad Special teams play, than we did bad D or O. I could be wrong about this. I just remember throwing more stuff at the TV during the specials teams play than the other portions of the game.

    Anyone disagree?
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    Our biggest problem was our secondary on defense IMHO. It was ranked high only due to the fact that our TOP was so great with our running game. So our defense was not on the field very long, and now with the departure of portis, our TOP will dwindle alittle but shanahan knew this, so he got champ and lynch. Our run defense was great, and the offense did its job. ST needs an improvement on returns and coverage.


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      Our special teams lacked a gamebreaking returner, and our passing game stunk. Hopefully a certain player>cough<Lelie>cough< will step up and we'll get some help in the draft.


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        I would agree

        I would say that our special teams has been a major weakness for years. Seems every year someone breaks one on us. Every time we have a lead going into the fourth quarter I get worried everytime we punt or kickoff.....

        Back-up Quarterback! LIke you said.. Plummer was playing fantastic, but if we ever had our back-up in.... we looked HORRIBLE. I'm looking forward to the June 1st cuts to see how we handle that.

        Consistantcy at the WR position. Lelie MUST step it up. Our team is going to be leaning on that a LOT this year.


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          Punting was a concern. It was a rarity if we were able to pin an opponent behind the 20 yard line. That's why I want Knorr to leave. He can put it in the end zone, but he can't seem to get it deep within the red zone.
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            Originally posted by Pierce
            Punting was a concern. It was a rarity if we were able to pin an opponent behind the 20 yard line. That's why I want Knorr to leave. He can put it in the end zone, but he can't seem to get it deep within the red zone.
            I've never figured out why we cut Rouen but we keep Knorr who isn't half as good. The only good thing to come from Rouen's departure was the fact that Jake got to "keep" his #16.


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              I agree with you on the Special Teams part of the game. It has been lacking for a long time. Like I said in another post, it seems that Denver has field goals and punts blocked. And the punting game isn't very good at all.

              Maybe if they gave Knorr a little more protection he could be more effective. Having to kick with a chip on his shoulder because his punts are blocked may have something to do with it.

              Or maybe he just sucks....oh I could go on all day.

              My real answer is that the Broncos were too inconsistent. Inconsistent special teams and when plagued by key injuries, they didn't have the right depth to be consistent.

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                I see your sig I want to stand up and scream "We're going to DO IT!!!!" just like I did when watching that Super Bowl