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Walker asked to apologize for spitting on cheerleader (Merged)

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    she probably deserved it anyway


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      Originally posted by Orange Crush 16
      I'm a little shocked by the responses in this thread. If it was a player on a another team, we'd all be bashing him and saying how classless that guy is lol
      My guess is that Walker didn't know he did it. I am outraged that you are outraged until hearing all of the facts.
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        I am sure he was just joking around and she wasn't mad but because it got attention they made a public appoligy.


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          DPOST this morning quotes him as saying he wasn't aware she was standing there and that he spit on Marshall a little as well.
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            Originally posted by 26portis
            i know!
            thats the one thing i hate bout this site!
            u better bring ur dictinary with u!!

            ppl FLIP over it!

            its called INTERNET!

            who cares how fast/slow good/bad we type!

            if u dont like it then leave

            We care how well you type.

            So, if YOU don't like it, leave.

            Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

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              Originally posted by Orange Crush 16
              Walker asked to apologize for spitting

              Broncos wide receiver Javon Walker was asked by team officials to apologize for spitting water on a team cheerleader during the Broncos' 9-6 win Sept. 17 against the Kansas City Chiefs at Invesco Field at Mile High.

              Broncos officials said Friday the matter had been "handled internally."

              Several fans witnessed the incident, as well as some of the team's cheerleaders. Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, executive vice president of business operations Joe Ellis and coach Mike Shanahan all were made aware of the incident last week.

              Walker and the cheerleader met the day after the game when Walker apologized. He is not expected to face any other discipline.

              Walker could not be reached for comment Friday with the Broncos players having been given a four-day weekend because of the team's bye Sunday. Walker's agent, Kennard McGuire, did not return a call seeking comment.

              Teresa Shear, the team's director of cheerleaders and game-day entertainment, also could not be reached for comment.

              Walker is believed to have taken a drink from a water bottle after a second-half timeout. As the cheerleaders were finishing a routine and Walker was going back onto the field, the wide receiver turned and spit out the water, hitting one of the cheerleaders. It is not clear whether it was intentional.

              The Broncos learned of the incident from team employees and from several fans.

              Walker, who scored two touchdowns Sunday at New England, is in his first season with the Broncos after an April trade. The Broncos sent a second-round pick in the draft to the Green Bay Packers for Walker, who then signed a five-year contract extension in Denver that could be worth $40 million over the life of the deal.

              ROTFLMAO! This is cracking me up. Players do this all the time and to imply it was some intentional act just proves we are on a bye week looking to discuss something. Perhaps a suspension and fine is in order here?

              Too much.

              Oh and BTW: I agree that having Javon in a Bronco uniform is great!!
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