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Our Broncomania Power Rankings Results for this week!

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  • RunYouOver
    And the Jags, and the chargers

    Be sure to voice your opinion and vote this week!

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  • snowspot66
    Saints and Vikes too.

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  • gobroncsnv
    Would be willing to bet that Cincy falls a few points after this week.

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  • Our Broncomania Power Rankings Results for this week!

    I was a little busy this week, but here are the results for this weeks power rankings.

    More voters than last week, making it more of Broncomania's opinion.

    It also made some things very close, as Indy held onto the top spot by a single point. Had one person put Cincy 1st and Indy 2nd instead of the other way around, Cincy would be our leader this week.

    The Results:

    1. Indy
    2. Cincy
    3. Seahawks
    4. Bears
    5. Chargers
    6. Jaguars
    7. Ravens
    8. Broncos
    9. Saints
    10. Vikings
    11. Eagles
    12. Patriots
    13. Falcons
    14. Cowboys
    15. Steelers
    16. Panthers
    17. Jets
    18. (tie) Rams
    18. (tie) Giants
    20. Bills
    21. Redskins
    22. Cardinals
    23. Chiefs
    24. Dolphins
    25. Browns
    26. 49ers
    27. Packers
    28. Lions
    29. Buccs
    30. Titans
    31. Texans
    32. Raiders

    Remember to vote next week by sending me a PM after Monday Night's Game, and before Friday Night at 9 PM.

    Click HERE
    for last week's results.