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Who's Your Second Favorite Team?

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    Originally posted by GoDenver
    i dont have a "second favorite" team, but i do have 2 "favorite teams."

    1. Denver Broncos
    2. whoever's playing the raiders
    Yeah - what he said


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      Who is your favorite Nascar team O&B?

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        Originally posted by AsianOrange
        Who is your favorite Nascar team O&B?
        Bud baby

        Dale Jr. is the man!!!!

        Thats cause I was a HUGE fan of his daddy's I cried for three days when he died (off and on of course) but do you know how much it takes to bring a tear to MY eye - LOL


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          I'll go with GoDenver's response ( hehe... that used be my sig ).

          Anyway... if I had to pick a 2nd fav, it would be Seattle ( I mosta my relatives live there ). Back when Danny was playing, I was a secondary fins fan 'cause I wanted him to win one. John and him are pretty good buddies to this day.

          Nuff said...

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