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    Originally posted by Javalon
    Okay. I wanted to make sure you knew that my jest was only in response to your jest. What a couple of jesters we are, eh? I guess tensions have been so high around here that we never know when someone will take a joke the wrong way.

    Maybe a 35-3 clobbering of the Colts will be the cure all. Man, wouldn't that be nice?
    More then nice, that is the momentum we surely need to end the halfway schedule for the tougher climb toward the playoffs, it would be the best needed win, Pittsburgh would do little at this point, but to tank the that would fire up this fan base!


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      Broncos took down the undefeated Ravens and Patriots this year, what better way to prove themselves than against the horrible run defense of the Colts? Broncos will win this game seeing as how Indianapolis, like San Diego, is a team whose record shows them as being better than they actually are.