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Nate Jackson cutting into Scheffler's reps

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    I hope he's just taking time to develop and won't pull a Watts where he's a preseason superhero but a regular season dud.


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      Originally posted by dontfeedthenerd
      I hope he's just taking time to develop and won't pull a Watts where he's a preseason superhero but a regular season dud.

      i would say it's WAY too early to worry about that. . . . especially considering where he went to school. . . . i'm still hoping we'll see him make an impact this year, but i won't be shocked if he doesn't-- and even if he doesn't, it certainly won't mean that he can't have a good career. . . no matter what we want, it's pretty typical for rooks to struggle. . . . of course, it would help if alexander would contribute a little more-- we really should go after a TE in free agency in the offseason, there's going to be a strong group available, and even if chef DOES break out, we can absolutely use two good TEs as many two TE sets as we like to run. . . .
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        Originally posted by tnedator
        Didn't see another thread on this, so sorry if there is one.

        I'm sure I wasn't the only one that noticed that Jackson and Alexander were the two TEs on the field a bunch today, and I didn't see much out of Scheffler. I was really hoping that Scheffler would be making an impact by the second half of the season. It is beginning to look like his development is going to take longer.
        Well... can't say that I can blame Shanny for involving Nate in the TE rotation a bit more now. Scheff hasn't been able to do what he did during the preseason. I hope it's just the rookie jitters and he gets better though.
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          Originally posted by rovolution
          i doubt it was based on his performance. if you didnt know, Schefflers grandmother died this past week, so im pretty sure Shanahan deactivated him in order to let him grieve w/out the added stress of football.

          Scheffler excused

          Rookie tight end Tony Scheffler missed the Broncos' workout Friday so he could attend the funeral of his grandmother in the Detroit area. With Cleveland a 2 1/2-hour drive away, Scheffler was planning to meet the Broncos at their hotel Saturday night.
          Nope, I hadn't seen that. I am sorry for his loss.

          I am glad that there may have been personal reasons for this, as I would hate for them to give up on him that soon. Hopefully, he is back in there next week.

          I would think a better arrangment (assuming he can run block), would be to put in Jackson as the run blocking/all round TE and still use Scheffler as the pass catching TE.
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            Oh my god, I can´t believe it....but I saw it with my own eyes.....Jackson is using his head now....He really use his head ....I´m so proud of my Baby

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              Activating Nate is a great move. Scheffler is clearly not ready yet. From what I understand, he's a better blocker than Scheff too.

              We gotta try and get something out of what has been a complete joke so far.
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