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Who gets credit for Jake's turnaround?

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    Originally posted by topscribe
    Why wouldn't I be ready for that? Whenever I or any other objective poster has
    tried to analyze a loss on a team concept, you Jake-bashers have been ready to
    jump right up and accuse us of making excuses for Jake. There has been a number
    of us who have been willing to admit Jake had his part in it, but no, you dear
    fellows have had to insist it was allllllllll Jake.

    Now, you are saying we, or I, am giving only Jake the credit for this win, because I
    want to give him any credit at all. I saw Champ's two interceptions, the four sacks,
    Lynch's hits, D-Will's fumble recoveries, Javon's three TDs, including his incredible
    72-yard TD run.

    I also saw Jake's 16-27 for 227 yds, 3 TDs, and 123.5 QB rating. But then, you'd
    like to forget that part, wouldn't you?

    Already Forgotton,lets just move on to the next game Top
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      It seems to me that OT Pears has been making a big difference in Jake getting more time to throw.Could Pears be the key to the Offense gettin back on track?Or is it Javon Walker and Pears


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        Originally posted by BroncoSexyDaddy
        Already Forgotton,lets just move on to the next game Top
        You move to the next game in some other thread.

        This thread has been about this game.

        Or didn't you notice?

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          Right Here!!!!