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Trigger Happy Shanny's new trade

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    Re: whatever man

    Originally posted by I miss TD
    look bro-ham, i know what i've seen in all the posts on all the sites, and if you have nothing else better to do with your cash than spend it on internet sites you have no life.............Insider my A#& !!
    Who said I paid for insider? I just happen to have my friends account password. And, having insider saves me the time of searching for crap on websites and messageboards, now thats a task for someone without a life...
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      I miss TD...

      Maybe you should step off, jeez.

      You're seemingly ready to lash out at almost everyone.

      Therefore, whatever you say hereafter is crap to me.

      So don't goddam say it.

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        I can bet ya the trade is not going to happen. Weren't sites already saying yesterday that Northcutt wanted too much money?


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          Re: damn right

          Originally posted by I miss TD
          i ain't wrong much, and you should "pull your head out" and take a seat to the daddy
          Take a mydol and pipe down. It is not anything to get excited about yet. If we do the deal it will be closer to the draft. Also the Ravens were only offering a 4th and a 7th for him and the Browns said they would take less from us. I heard they want a 3rd round pick. I have not read anything that says we offered a third rounder. The sources that claim so are doing it from the ESPN insider article posted a couple days ago now. In which it states the Browns are seeking a third round pick from the Broncos.

          Seeking and getting may be very different stories. This has been discussed for a couple of days now and before you get your panties tied up anymore read the other posts and see what the people out here have been discussing.

          I think we have experienced roid rage. You sure you are not a pro baseball player. Do they do drug testing in your semi-pro league?????????


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            Northcutt wants out, Cleveland will not trade them inside their divison, that is what made us front runners. The issue is what he wants vs what we will be willing to pay for him. He asks too much we keep our pick. Until it happens or is killed off this is all blather. But lets try to keep it civilized, this is general discussion not the Smack section.
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