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Javon is tied for 2nd in recieving TDs.

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    Originally posted by tnedator
    Yep, those turnovers hurt, but as his been talked about, one was a fumble with Mike Bell failed to cut the rushing end (as stated by Shanahan), one was a ball that Devoe should have caught or broke up (he wasn't activated again after that botched attempt and then released) and the third INT was one where Rod Smith was intefered with and the ref blew the call and a freak bounce turned into an INT. The one INT thrown towards Rod on the right side was simply a bad throw.

    The reality is that the turnovers in that game were far more bad luck and poor execution by Devoe and Bell, then the one's he has since then. Since the St. Louis game, he has had quite a few INTs that were simply horribly thrown balls.

    Thank you for the response it saved me the time. Points to you.


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      Originally posted by arapaho
      i dont question he should have caught it, but to say that if he had caught a pass we might have won is a definition of blind, when we had five drive killing turnovers, four by the qb
      The difference in the score was 8 points so it may have at least made it a lot closer.
      "Some people in this world make things happen, some people in this world know what happened, but most people wonder what happened."