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    Originally posted by HidEmu
    the afc west is the hardest division in football, the raiders would be around .500 if they played in an easy division. 2 of the top 3 teams in the league are in the AFC West and Cheifs are a top 5 team when healthy. Its a tough division thats going to be close till the end. My steelers friends all offseason talked about "the afc north is the hardest division is football without a doubt" and i would laugh and say nooo you are mistaken but they wouldnt listen. Its the been the hardest divison for a while and the North is probably the 2nd hardest in the afc but the ravens are not that good and aparently neither are the bengals (defense was very over rated last season got tons of lucky turnovers) or steelers, the steelers are the best team in that division but they got hot/lucky last year around the playoffs and won it all and havent had the same breaks going for them this season im sure next year the steelers will be back ontop of the north and the ravens will fall back down. But what does it say about the division that we (the broncos) have beaten both the steelers and ravens this season and we might not even be the best team in our division...
    The Raiders would not be around .500 in any AFC division and would ONLY have a possibility of being around .500 if they played in the NFC North. Just look at their results this season:

    San Diego Lost 0-27
    Baltimore Lost 6-28
    Week 3 BYE
    Cleveland Lost 21-24
    San Francisco Lost 20-34
    Denver Lost 3-13
    Arizona Won 22-9
    Pittsburgh Won 20-13
    Seattle Lost 0-16
    Denver Lost 13-17

    The Raiders lost to 2 of the 3 AFC North teams they have played and 2 of the 3 NFC West teams they have played.
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