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White or blue pants on sunday? (merged)

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    Where oh where have the blue pants gone. I would also like to see them (wear) them.
    Thanks for the Sig "rjent"sigpic


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      Originally posted by BarkdogRX7
      Yeah dude, I think we need to get over the superstition that we lose in te Orange jerseys. We need to start a new one and rock them! Maybe we'll wear em on Turkey Day

      We are not scheduled to wear the Alternate Orange Jerseys at all this year. As a matter of fact, we haven't worn them since the game in your sig (the loss in the snow to Jokeland). The team hates them because we've NEVER won in them. The players are superstitious so I wouldn't plan on seeing them for awhile, unfortunately. I like them, too. I LOVE THE BLUE PANTS! That Uni is Sharp!


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        Im not really a fan of the blue on blue uni's. They're ok i guess but the blue on white and Orange on white rule everything!


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          for all the people wanting/thinking we're wearing the all orange, we're not. I like them a lot too, but we will NOT be wearing alternate orange jerseys this year. I believe we'll wear the all blue uni's tonight. It seems that's the trend for our prime time home games this year. We're 2-0 in them, so hopefully we'll be 3-0 in them after tonight.