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Should Kircus be the #3 receiver

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  • Should Kircus be the #3 receiver

    David Kircus is a good receiver, but should Morgan, or Marshall be the third receiver?

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    Morgan I am not so sure about, but Marshall could challenge for it.
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      Morgan is so far out of the equation...

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        Marshall should be the #2 WR IMO, he is HUGE!


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          Originally posted by The Dyna$ty
          Marshall should be the #2 WR IMO, he is HUGE!
          You may be on to something here. I actually thought of this at the beginning of the year. Rod Smith is getting older and he is still a great possesion receiver. I think that if Marshall can prove himself and step up having him and Walker on the outside with Rod in the slot would make for a hella dangerous corps
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            Kircus seems to drop alot of passes at the worst times.
            I would like to see them pass alittle more to Marshall to see if he has what it takes.
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              He might drop a pass here or there just like any other reciever but Kircus can land a knock out punch at any time in a game.


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                Kircus is getting open and that's a big deal, He has dropped a couple passe but he deserves to be the 3rd WR at this point. Of course it's no secret that Shanny wants Marshall to be the guy, I think it's only a matter of time before Marshall asserts himself. He is still trying to find his stride in the NFL.


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                  I would like to see Marshall get worked into the O a little more he is a Physical Freak.


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                    Rod Smith is a future hall of famer. So there is now way he is dropping out of the #1 slot before retirement. He also gets a lot more attention brought on him this year which is a helping contributor as to why Walker is putting up such great numbers. As for David Kircus he is a solid #3 reciever. A few of you mentioned some dropped passes but Marshall has had the same problem in the few games he has played. Marshall is also injury prone so I would rather put a reciever in there who has played through a rough season and is still haning on making big plays


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                      Yes Kircus should be the #3 receiver and Marshall #4.

                      If Hixon comes back, Morgan is history.


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                        Originally posted by DeuceOfClub
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                        marshall should be 3rd if not 2nd...

                        i think right now rod should be a 3rd down wide out thus 3rd on the roster...

                        he is really lacking break away speed this season...

                        but kircus should not be #3...

                        he realy does no perform...

                        imo him being our #3...

                        makes us one of the worst teams at the #3rd WD..



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                          I think right now Kircus deserves it but I want to see marshall there, Shanny has to try and get him more involved.
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                            Marshall should be it, hands down. Next year, he should be number 2.

                            You can't coach 6'4", 225 lbs and a 39" vertical.

                            Sorry sandwich boy.


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                              Originally posted by westcoastfan24
                              David Kircus is a good receiver, but should Morgan, or Marshall be the third receiver?
                              I don't think we have seen enough out of any of them to make the judgement call. Love Jake and all, but he first must be able to get it to our #1 and #2 recievers enough to even worry about the #3.
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