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Tatum says "He's not the same".

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    Originally posted by BSmitty7
    I got this article from

    Tatum Bell, RB DEN

    News: Broncos coach Mike Shanahan was miffed at rookie Mike Bell for his poor play in Week 9, so he benched him in Week 10, when Tatum Bell returned to the lineup despite two sprained big toes and managed just 37 yards on 14 carries. Shanahan mentioned twice this week how disappointed he was in himself for getting fooled by Tatum Bell for insisting he was healthier than he really was. But Shanahan said he was sticking with him as his starter against San Diego on Sunday night. However, Tatum Bell hasn't been able to fully participate in practice this week and on Thursday he said he wouldn't be healthy until the offseason. He also acknowledged he wasn't the same running back as in years past when he spelled the starter and provided the Broncos with a great change of pace. "No, I think I lost a step a little bit" because of his sprained toes, he said. "But I'm getting better, like I say. Hopefully this week I'll be able to go out and make some plays."

    Analysis: We don't like the prospects for Tatum Bell for the rest of the season, especially since he knows he's not playing like his regular self. Consider him a low-end No. 2 Fantasy RB as long as he's active. And definitely keep expectations down.

    Looks like we're going to have to draft a running back this year. I'm hating this running back commitee, worst running game since 1994. We have to draft a true running back who can block, catch, and of course run. Tatum just isn't getting it done, and there is no question he is injury prone.
    I kinda agree with this accessment. This is the first time I can remember the Broncos not have any answers at RB under Shanahan.

    Btw, I wouldn't have Tatum Bell on fantasy team if you paid me!


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      Originally posted by BigBroncLove
      Steve Slaton, he's a sophomore actually, so no chance at seeing him in the draft this year. I like the guy too, but I don't think he has the size yet to really become a top flight RB in the NFL yet. Who knows a year or two more of development and he could look to be one of the better drafts (he's 5'10, 185 lbs).

      If you ask me I think Adrian Peterson looks to be the best incoming RB this year. His stats don't say it but, this kid has got a lot of power, speed, and can make cuts with the best of them. He doesn't have the speed and cuts like you see in the NCAA football leader like Garret Wolfe, but then if you ask me, wolfe has great ability, but with the big defenses, and hard hitting fast LB's and Safeties in the NFL, I don't think he will be extremely succesful (though I do think he will be able to make it in the NFL). Peterson is fast, makes good cuts (but not amazing ones), and has tons of power to unload. Unfortunately I think this guy will go early in round one, which, if we keep up to our current form, will make him an unlikely candidate for our draft picks.

      Here's a link to some of Peterson's highlights from last year (funny enough I found it on his fan clubs sight). Guy looks like a great runner. One of the few big NCAA RB's that have footage of their exploits on the net....

      Yeah 5'10" 185 is gonna make some stub buffalo alright. He will most likely not make in the Not For Long league as a RB. Regardless of how good he is that is just not big enough to survive the pounding in the pro's.