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    Originally posted by eastcoastbrawla
    lol, in the eastcoast you don't see crap except for some gay *** rag McNabb. Oh yeah and the primetime games for the Broncos, and SOME OTHERS Occasionally.
    Lol, I guess I'm a little more lucky then you !

    They dont always show them here but we do get quite a few, the most we get is the Chiefs... .


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      Originally posted by Jared
      It not that I feel peole are trying to shove it down my throat. Its just that I don't understand how this will effect my life. I mean, that's a lot of money that I can get a better return on by splitting it between savings and investing.

      Its the same with a DVD or my own cell phone. No one can explain how they will have a positive effect on my life.

      Not my cup o tea.

      Or maybe I AM just a cheap bastard, like everyone tells me.
      Heh, if you don't perceive the value then there IS no value...for you. Beauty...or in this case...value is in the eye of the beholder. I also place a high value on stashing money away for the future. But I also believe in splurging a bit now and then. For me, DVD and Hi-Def improve my movie/T.V. watching experience so I don't mind putting some money into them.
      Originally posted by BlueDamsel
      I'm the opposite end of the spectrum, I love all the newest technologies. However, I don't have the money to go out & get a new tv at this point...I'm still paying off my other toys
      Don't worry, you'll get there. Unfortunately, some toys are more expensive than others. HDTV is a bit of a costly investment so I'll probably be paying for it for a while. Oh, well. I wouldn't do it if I didn't think it was worth it.
      "You can't take the sky from me..."
      "You can't shake the Devil's hand and say you're only kidding"


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        imo television became so much more enjoyable to watch after the hd set. Prices are coming down too 2 years ago I bought a 50" bigscreen for more than my 55" widescreen I just purchased. Can't wait to see the bronos in hd and as a treat for an east coast guy it's gonna be on sunday night week 1.
        Go Broncos, Capitals, and Orioles

        Thanks SNK16