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San Diego and Broncos: Here is how it will go down.

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    Originally posted by SDERA
    I got 1000 dollars that says this ****** is a Bronco fan impersonating a Charger fan. Other wise, ill find the ***** myself and ring his neck.

    1. Broncos cant cover LT and Gates at the same time, you bring up the DB's we burn you deep, you push them back you get no pass rush against our superb Oline. And we burn you with draw plays or just pass plays in general.

    2. Even without Merriman we can still get a decent pass rush with Olshansky, Phillips, and Polk, then we let Jammer and Kiel cover Javon, and you guys dont have much of a TE to speak of and he'll be shut down by Donnie Edwards(coverage LB)

    3. Its not like we are worried abou containing Tatum Bell or Mike Bell, just get pass rush on that Bummer of a QB and he'll win the game for us by tossing picks.

    2. Reason you wont score: 1. Plummer is no Palmer
    3. You have 1 good WR, Cincy had 3.
    4. You dont have a probowl RB, they had Rudi Johnson.
    5. We have great coverage LB's rarely if ever does the screen pass work against San Diego, not that yours is that good anyway.

    Chargers win 28-10
    i'll tell what you have is alot of luck and the game is in DENVER ...........and you have schottenheimer,that tells me you are a loser today HA! HA! HA! HA!
    elway going to save the broncos again.yes!


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      Originally posted by RiversWillOwnU
      LOL, it's pretty obvious this is no Charger fan. "Voices"?? Uh, ok. Very creative. And it isn't "classy" to put your team down on the opposing team's message board either
      Wow. A fan doesn't want to "homer" in and pick his own team, even though he
      realistically sees different, so he's accused of not being a fan.

      I thought that happened only to Broncos fans.

      Nonetheless, converse SDERA's opinion, Denver has a least two good receivers,
      not just one. I don't know which one your colleague was leaving out, but Walker
      and Smith add up to two good receivers.

      And Denver has something Cincy doesn't have: a defense. If Lang and Dumervil
      play up to the abilities they have shown so far, and if Warren is reasonably
      healthy, even a superb O-line can't double-team them all. Moreover, because of
      Champ, the Chargers will have one-half the field to deal with in the passing game.
      LT is the best . . . no doubt about it . . . unless he's playing in Denver. He has
      managed 50-yards-and-change per game here and has never rushed for 100.

      But I don't see a blowout by either team. And at this point I do not see San Diego
      hanging more than 20 on Denver.

      Denver 20-17.

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        I dont see many fans of the other team coming on here giving praise to the's creeping me out. :shake:


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          Originally posted by SDERA
          5. We have great coverage LB's rarely if ever does the screen pass work against San Diego, not that yours is that good anyway.
          that proves that you nothing about our team.
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            six hours to go...

            I smell the slight odor of fear in you Bronco loyalists. Don’t weaken Bronkers.

            What you don’t understand is that the Chargers ALWAYS LOSE THE IMPORTANT GAMES. A-L-W-A-Y-S. I am just tired of it and the “voices” are finally telling it like it is. The SD loyalists know this too but live in a world of kock-eyed optimism. No matter how great our record is at the beginning of a season, we deconstruct toward the end. Always. This team has a powerful mojo on it that a thousand Zimbabwe shaman witchdoctors could not remove. Yes, we are cursed.

            What makes it worse is that we show up with a “premier” team that looks great on paper and puts up amazing numbers. OHHH. AHHHHH. And the city screams “THIS IS IT. THIS IS THE ONE!” and then…and then…the mojo.

            OH, get this. Here it is on game-day and our top Union Tribune sports writers, Nick Canepa, Jerry Magee, and Jim Trotter ALL pick the Chargers to LOSE. Perhaps they have the same voices in their heads.

            Year-after-year it is the same old hope-freak excuses, “We only lost this many games by five points or less”. Or the “Not-Again”, losing by a field goal in the final two minutes in way too many games.

            How does a team get down 28-7 in a first half and come back to score 41 freaking points in the second half to win? And only win by a few points against a team with a losing record?...Mojo, baby.

            To be a Chargers fan you have to be a masochist. They will entice you with promises and pleasures only to fill you with pain and misery in the waning moments of a game or a season. This is nothing new, but nobody has the balls to say it…except the voices in my head.

            Sacrilege? Perhaps. Reality? Most definitely.

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              Originally posted by RiversWillOwnU
              LOL, it's pretty obvious this is no Charger fan. "Voices"?? Uh, ok. Very creative. And it isn't "classy" to put your team down on the opposing team's message board either
              You're right. A "real" Chargers fan (read: those that live in San Diego and only attend games when their team is winning, not to be confused with those that are actually reasonable and "true" fans) would predict a 5 TD victory every game against every opponent regardless of the expected outcome.

              Go Chargers!
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                Originally posted by SDOX
                Sorry to break your heart SDERA but I am indeed a Chargers fan sitting right here in Carlsbad. Sure, I wish for the Chargers to win but I always know how things will work. A gift or a curse (unless I bet money)

                Check back tomorrow and see what I mean. The Charges are fine crystal. They are a pretty team but they crack into a thousand pieces for no good reason. Their melt-downs make Chernoybl look like a lava lamp. We beat up on bottom feeder teams and ran up some numbers so we think we are hot stuff but look at that first half at SinSinaty? 28-7? What the hell was that? Talk about a bi-polar team.

                Enjoy what you think you have. Now comes the reality of what our team is made of. You will see. My "voices" know everything.

                Hey i lived in vista for a bit!!! Eat some Pizza port for me sometime


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                  Originally posted by SDOX
                  San Diego and Broncos: Here is how it will go down.

                  First off, I am a San Diego Chargers fan. I live in San Diego. But my support of the team will not blind me to the facts about my team and how the season will unfold. I just know this stuff – It’s like freaking voices in my head. So, here goes:

                  Our offense is good. Very good. We have tons of weapons and Rivers is amazing for a first year starter. Our offensive line is working and that is the heart of an offense. So we are in pretty good shape there.

                  Our defense is a mess right now. The pass rush is pathetic without Merriman so QBs have time to pick and choose – which means our newbie safeties are in panic mode and don’t even know who to cover or where to run half the time. And that mean teams will score tons of points on our guys and we can’t do anything about it. It might be fixable later in the season when our linebackers get healthy and the first team deep backs return or our current guys learn their positions.

                  The D can probably stop the run but that won’t be enough for any team with a passing game.

                  Denver has a bad azz defense and will first shut down LT and force us to pass on third down too often and thus control the game. Plummer will pick apart our pass defense and have all day to do it. It will be ugly folks. Rivers will have to play catch-up all day after our defense gives up points. He will put up points but not enough.

                  This team is just like the Dolphins back in the 80s when Marino (quick release like Rivers) had to put up 35 points to friggin tie a game week-after-week.

                  Denver Broncos 31
                  San Diego 17

                  San Diego will end up a Wild-Card in the playoffs and lose in the first round or second. Denver will be in the playoffs and might do OK depending on who is healthy for them and for their opponents. The voices in my head are not offering much that far into the season.

                  So there you have it and that is how it’s going to be.

                  I kinda know how you feel about your "voices". I don't have "voices" but pretty on gut feelings about a game. My gut says that this is gonna be a fight with turnovers key.
                  I also had a chance to pick between 2 games to fly out and see and I picked the Raider game to see rather than the Indy game as I knew I wanted to see the Broncos win at home and not fly out to witness a loss. It happened and we had a great time.
                  My gut now is saying a tight Bronco win.....the Chiefs are now breathing down our necks as they just won.......ugh


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                    Originally posted by HORSEPOWER 56
                    As a Bronco fan, I see it playing out like this...

                    At first, a low scoring game with a lot of three and outs. Neither team can get the running game going so the teams start to cue in on the pass. SD punts most of the time, but Plummer throws 2 picks in the red zone in the first half and SD takes a 10-3 lead into halftime.

                    On their first possesion of the second half, Plummer leads a drive deep into SD territory but gives up another turnover on a Shawn Phillips forced fumble. Re-energized by this, SD marches right back down the field and scores making the score 17-3.

                    On the ensuing drive, Plummer will throw another ill-advised INT and San Diego will once again capitalize, this time with a FG. SD 20-3

                    Plummer will finally get the hook in favor of Cutler who will go three and out his first two series. LT will break 100 yards in ther fourth quarter attempting to run out the clock. In his thrid possession inside of 5 min left, Cutler will lead a TD drive. 20-10 Denver. Energized by this, the defense will force the Chargers three and out and Denver regains possession at around 2 minutes.

                    Cutler leads another TD drive (mostly becauase SD is playing prevent) and scores with around 1:00 to go. 20-17 SD. Denver attempts an on-side kick that is recovered by SD and SD runs out the clock. Final SD 20, Den 17.

                    Even in defeat, Cutler is hailed as a savior for his heroics in "almost bringing them back" in garbage time. So begins the Jay Cutler era in Denver.

                    that would be craazzzyyy