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Mark Schlereth, Peter King say / Start Cutler (Merged)

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    I am in the "what do we have to lose" camp. It is nearly impossible for Cutler to play worse than Plummer has. Jake can't even seem to make the most basic of throws. Since Shanahan either is unwilling or is unable to get Jake out of the pocket I don't see anything coming good coming out of starting Jake past KC. He has not won a single game for Denver this season, and you can easily argue that he has cost a few games. I say let Plummer struggle in KC and then start Cutler against Seattle.


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      What we have to lose is the good that it will be for Cutler to just WATCH and listen... I think it would be best for him to have the whole year to soak it in, including a playoff stretch run. That said, I'm not gonna bet against Jay starting against the "hawks.
      In another post, someone mentioned that Plummer is doing no better than Griese? I disagree. While Jake has been fairly abysmal this year, I don't think we would be 7-3 with Griese. Jake has come through at the end of some of our games, while the defense was holding their end of the bargain, and we've come back to win some games even though the offense was bogged down for 3+ quarters of a contest. My observation with Griese is that, once he got down, he stayed there. Jake at least has some fight in him at the end of a game.
      I don't know what it is that is holding him back, keeping TE's in to block which limits his options and keeps him in the pocket, his throwing mechanics are definitely worse this year, but he was infinitely better last year.
      Jake may well play his last game for us in KC, but I'm still hoping Jay gets to just absorb the "mind game" this year for his own personal development. It will make him stronger for it next year. But that's just my humble opinion. I still count on Shanny to make better decisions than I could.
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